Tibi iris ikat faux wrap dress
Dress, Tibi (via eBay); tights, Target; boots, Frye; coat, MaxMara; bag, MbMJ
Tibi iris ikat faux wrap dress
missing the (big, chunky, cozy) scarf – in the name of fashun blogging

Yeah, those boots again. This was a date night outfit, so I basically just threw together a bunch of things I love. As a bonus, the Tibi dress has a healthy dose of sexiness to it, which made it very apropos. TMI? Sowwy.

Tiffany Paloma blue topaz necklace
mah joolz (earrings, Swarovski; necklace, Tiffany)
Tibi iris ikat faux wrap dress
see, the tights were blue … and everything looked less all-the-colours-of-the-rainbow

As you can see in the picture above, my tights really were blue – and not purple – and looked less random in real life. Shooting outfits at dusk (4pm, sob!) is always tricky. I took a chance on (matching) blue tights because my default black ones wouldn’t have worked with this outfit. In fact, I’m not sure how I feel about pairing this dress with black, period. I love its print, but it may prove a little difficult. What would you guys suggest?

Tibi iris ikat faux wrap dress
date night, baby!

5 Comments on Iris Love

  1. I don’t think black would be right for this dress – the blue tights look great, though! I thought brown tights at first, but that’s a lot of brown between the dress and the boots and the tights.

    • Thanks! They’re hard to photograph because they’re fairly delicate, but they are very pretty IRL. I do like Swarovski pieces a lot for that in-between range (better quality than, say, J. Crew but not quite fine jewelry).

  2. I like the idea of brown tights but I can’t picture them with those boots. Maybe if they were different enough tones… That dress is a stunner though, I bet it is amazing with sandals for warm-weather date nights!