Pink Tartan floral suit; retro 60s suit
Suit, Pink Tartan (via consignment); shoes, Ivanka Trump; bag, Mulberry (via eBay)

This Pink Tartan suit is my second oldest (two) piece in my closet, again by a long shot. As far as I recall, I picked it up from a clearance rack of a consignment store, 7 or 8 years ago. I’ve been hanging on to it this whole time because of its quality – excellent workmanship and attention to details, and it’s made in Canada. I haven’t worn it much, though, because the style always seemed to me to straddle the fine line between retro and “grandma clothes”. On my younger self, it felt … costumey. But, perhaps, its time has finally come.

Pink Tartan floral suit; retro 60s suit
Mad Men style?

It’s still a lot of suit, but I feel like it actually looks best when worn together, rather than mixed with other separates; it has an identity, you know? Anyway, I’m glad that I hung on to it.

Pink Tartan floral suit; retro 60s suit
Good Hair Day?

14 Comments on The Relic, part 2

    • Thank you! These days, with the quality of clothes generally being what it is, it’s hard to justify hanging on to things simply as “closet heirlooms”, but this might be one of the rare exceptions. Plus, I might actually get some wear out of it sooner rather than later.

  1. I found your blog recently, and have to confess I’ve been looking through (i.e., reading nonstop) your archives and I love your style and writing! I love that you post a balance of casual outfits as well as professional attire that is appropriate to the workplace. You given me great inspiration I can use in my daily life. Also love the occasional posts about books, shopping smart, consumerism, etc. New fan here, I look forward to seeing your posts!

    • Aww, thank you so much! I’m very happy to hear that. Welcome – and I hope you’ll stick around 🙂
      (P.S. I’m sorry I’ve been behind on responding to comments. I do try to respond to as many as possible, as quickly as possible, but I happened to be away on vacation last week. I do hope you will continue to comment, because I love to hear from you guys.)

  2. in love with this. i’ve actually held onto similar suits because right now they look like costumes on me but in a few years they’ll be fashion-forward professional looks.

    love that hair.

    • Thanks! I *may* be slightly addicted to my straightening iron these days. I’m sure my hair thanks me for it (not). But I do enjoy the full-body wave thing.