Pixelated floral shirt dress
Dress, Katherine Barclay; cardigan & belt, J. Crew Factory; coat, MaxMara; boots, Ecco; bag, Rebecca Minkoff

In case you haven’t heard me complain recently in the last 24 hours, let me tell you again: I haven’t had much fun lately. But that was not the case last weekend, when my husband and I (along with a couple of good friends) hit up Breakout. If you’ve never heard of Breakout, it’s basically a interactive, locked room puzzle game: you have up to 5 teammates, and 45 minutes, to figure out the code to “break out” of the theme room of your choice. It’s insanely fun, and I highly recommend it if you live in a city with a Breakout franchise.

What does that have to do with my outfit? Well, for my fun afternoon out, I wanted to wear a fun dress – and what screams “fun” louder than my pixelated rainbow floral sprinkles dress? Here’s a hint: nothing.

Pixelated floral shirt dress

I usually pair this dress with cool tones (like teal), but I decided to switch things up and wear another one of my wardrobe palette-approved accent colours from the opposite side of the spectrum: burgundy. The final result may have been a tad too matchy matchy, but I love how the burgundy made the other colours in the dress pop.

Pixelated floral shirt dress
but first, let me #selfie

I also went for some major red lips, because when you’re wearing the rainbow, you might as well go for broke. But here’s the truth, guys: I think red lips are too high maintenance for me. I don’t have time to constantly check and/or re-apply my lipstick (especially when I’m having fun), and I hate leaving marks on everything that touches my lips. [I know I’m irrational; indulge me.]

Kind of ironic, considering my blog name, huh?

Pixelated floral shirt dress
see you next summer, pretty dress!

9 Comments on All in Good Fun

  1. Great outfit! It looks a little springy! And the red lips are great. I sometimes wear them for the office – and just bring lots of different types of gloss/crayons etc. to keep it red.

    • That’s a good tactic – I just always forget. Seriously, my brain is like a sieve these days. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with red lips – I bet you look fantastic!

  2. OMG, I’ve been wanting to try Breakout for months! Did you find it difficult at all?

    Also, still in love with that dress. Never would have thought to pair it with burgundy, but it works!

    • Do ittt!! I cannot wait to do it again – trying to persuade people at work to do it as a team-building exercise.
      It was just the right amount of difficult, I found. We were about 1 minute away from breaking out – we had 4 of the 7 numbers for the door lock code in the second room, and we knew how to get the rest … just didn’t make it. 45 minutes goes FAST! We lost a bit of time in room #1 on a wrong tangent. I’m convinced I’ll be able to break out next time (of a different room, I wouldn’t bother doing the same one again). But we’ll see, LOL!

  3. I love this, you look fantastic & it really work with burgundy. The Breakout things sounds good – so long as it’s a BIG room not the size of a lift b/c I tend to get a bit panicky in small spaces!

    • It’s not a massive room – maybe around the size of a small bedroom, but enough for 6 people not to feel claustrophobic I think. We got so caught up in the game, I didn’t even really notice the room (and I hate confined spaces, like elevators, too). The fact that it was pitch black (we had 3 flashlights, and there was a black light too) bothered me more, because it was hard to adjust at first. But it was all part of the theme 🙂