office outfit
Dress, Ralph Lauren (thrifted); sweater, J. Crew Factory; blazer, J. Crew; shoes, Cole Haan; necklace, Avenue Clothing; bag, Mulberry (via consignment)

Sooooo … I’m not feeling this dress, you guys. Not feeling the florals right now, in fact. I don’t know whether it’s my crabby mood, or the end-of-winter-blues, or what, but I just want black. And white. And lots of it. In fact, I was just about ready to put this dress into the consign/swap pile, when I gave it one last try. This outfit was supposed to be a lame hat-tip-to-the-capsule-that-really-isn’t-a-capsule attempt at remixing, but it worked out beyond my expectations: it looked more cohesive (and, dare I say, cute) than I had hoped, plus it made this dress a little more appealing for some reasons. Maybe because you can see less of it in this combination?

office outfit
not bad?

Leaving this outfit aside, what does my sudden dislike of this particular floral pattern mean? Maybe I’m just going through a phase. Maybe that perfectly minimalist black and white wardrobe is in my future after all.

Hahahahahahahaha!! A … hahahaha!!!

Probably not. All the same, it’s probably also safe to say that I will now longer single-handedly be keeping Value Village in business with my grandma’s floral couch-print buying obsession.

office outfit
bye bye, florals?

2 Comments on A Floral Shift

  1. I think it is the end of winter blahs! I currently don’t want to wear any of my cute dresses and just want to wear black all day…not even with colourful tights. just black on black.

    Keep it around until summer… maybe you’ll perk up

    • I was going to get rid of it, but I’m taking your advice, and putting it in the basement along with my out-of-size clothing. Just in case 😉