Banana Republic Sloan check pants
Pants, Banana Republic; sweater, J. Crew Factory; necklace, J. Crew; shoes, Manolo Blahnik (thrifted); bag, Mulberry (via consignment)

“You look like an architect” was the first (and only) thing my husband said when he saw this outfit. He would know: he has a Master’s in the subject. [Edited to add: my husband happened to look over my shoulder when I was writing this post, and he MADE me add this link as the addendum to his earlier comment. He seemed to find it highly amusing. Humph.] Now, this wasn’t my intention in putting together the outfit; in fact, I wasn’t aiming for any particular style statement. I had spent the previous day in bed dying* with the stomach flu, so my focus was simply on getting dressed and getting to the office, period. Black and white seemed like the safest choice for looking put together without a lot of effort and the maximum of comfort. And it worked. Because, while people could deduce the state of my health psyche from my general demeanour, they seemed to find the outfit perfectly fine.

Banana Republic Sloan check pants
the details …

I don’t know if I could wear black and white every single day, but it’s a nice change of pace for me. In fact, after watching the video that amused my husband so, I’m thinking I may need to find a pair of pants with a bigger black & white check print, for added visual impact – maybe even a windowpane print? I know I’ve seen them on other bloggers, so they were probably super trendy for about 5 seconds 6 months ago, but … yea or nay? How do we feel about black & white print pants, peeps? [Say that 3 times fast, I dare ya!]

Banana Republic Sloan check pants
arty … or, should I say, archy black & white

* perhaps the tiniest of exaggerations.

8 Comments on Like an Architect

    • There is LOFT in my city, and although it’s not close, I do have a gift card … so I should check it out one of these days 🙂
      Those pants look very nice! I think I want more of a white-with-black-lines kind of print, but I def wouldn’t mind this version either

  1. OMG, the pants on the architect in that video are something else… I definitely prefer your outfit better! As for the windowpane, could be fun?

  2. Your husband is right – you do look like an architect! I used to work in a related field, so I know the look. All you need is some interesting glasses to make partner. And yes to windowpane – it’s fun AND conservative. Sounds like the new Adina style to me.

  3. I’m all black and white all the time these days, so this whole look is definitely speaking to me! I’m digging a good windowpane print — it’s trendy now, but black and white is such a classic combo that I don’t think you have to worry about it looking dated down the road, you know?

    I feel like Old Navy had something like what you’re looking for (maybe white on black instead of black on white, though?)

    • I think you’re right. Even if windowpane will scream “2014/2015” for the next few years, eventually it will either come back as a trend, or just become a classic.

      LOFT currently has a windowpane print I like, but it comes in everything BUT pants. I’m going to have a look at it, but I’m also keeping my eye open. My last resources may have to be eBay, which I’ve been avoiding lately due to the crappy exchange rate on our Canadian dollar :/