beach vacation style; resort style; resort capsule
Dress, Tibi (via eBay); bag, MbMJ (via consignment); sandals, Old Navy; cuff, Free People
beach vacation style; resort style; resort capsule
the (blurry) details

Did y’all know I went to Mexico? L to the OL, because of course you did. Yeah, I’m that person who bores you with umpteen stories about her vacation. The truth is that, between the kids and my job, we don’t get to go on many vacations any more, so I milk them for all the conversational fodder I can get away with. Hey, be happy you’re not my co-workers.

Gosh, I have quite a way with an introductory paragraph, don’t I? So, yes, I went to Mexico, and had a pretty good time of it, too. The kids were (predictably) a handful and a half, and I didn’t get to sleep nearly as much as I had (optimistically) hoped, but we got to enjoy some beautiful moments. Like this one:

riviera maya mexico
at dusk
riviera maya mexico
afternoon rainbow

There aren’t many things in life better than a late afternoon stroll along a gorgeous shore with your loved ones. It’s a sort of re-set button for the ultra-hectic lives we seem intent on pursuing. But enough philosophizing. You guys are here to talk clothes.

One of the pieces I was really excited to bring with me on the trip was this Tibi iris-print dress. It’s a little too va-va-voom for my everyday life here in Edmonton, but is made for the vibe at a tropical resort. Even when it’s just for a dinner with the family.

And it seems to go really well with 80s-rock-band-video-chick hair. Tropical humidity + ocean breeze, joining together to make a mockery of your humble blogger. Not cool, Mother Nature.

beach vacation style; resort style; resort capsule

8 Comments on Beach Vacation Style: A Walk on the Shore

  1. Vacations are incredibly important! I am lucky that my first real job was a place where everyone got 4 weeks of vacation and actually used it, so I learned pretty early how wonderful it is to take a few days to disconnect and go out and explore the world (or sometimes, just your own town).

    Mexico is high on my wishlist for a tropical getaway — your photos are making me want to book a flight now!

    • If you’re going sans kids … go for it! Having very young kids in tow makes every vacation a little less … relaxing, shall we say. But Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula/coast is beautiful if you’re looking for a tropical vacation. Amazing water!