January was a short work month for me, which was probably a good thing this year, what with the whole New Look business; it was a good way to ease into the adulting of my work wardrobe. In total, I wore 20 (ish, I was admittedly lazy sloppy in my math this time around) items in 13 outfits. From a minimalism perspective, this is a dismal effort, so it’s lucky that I don’t pretend to be a minimalist of any stripe. I’m calling these posts my “capsule” series, but please don’t be fooled: they are not really true examples of capsules at all. It’s just a catchy, SEO-friendly title, and we’ve already established that I’m lazy (and, hence, unlikely to try thinking any harder about a more original series title) and not immune to pandering to blogging trends. You can overlook these foibles, yes? If you want to know more about my thoughts on capsules, read to your hearts’ content. The condensed version is that I’m drawn to the abstract idea of minimalism, but conflicted about its manifestation in the blogging world. Also, I love All The Things, so minimalism c’est pas moi.

Anywhooo …

Here are my 13 outfits in all their glory:

work wardrobe capsule; office style capsule
one, two, three
work wardrobe capsule; office capsule
four, five, six
work wardrobe capsule; office capsule; capsule wardrobe
seven, eight, nine
work wardrobe capsule; capsule dressing
ten, eleven, twelve
J. Crew schoolboy blazer orange
(unlucky?) thirteen

Sarcasm aside, I actually like most of them. Some quite a bit. My favourites are #2, #5, and #7. Oh, and #9 too. My favourite individual piece was probably the grey Elie Tahari blazer. I know, I’m surprised too. Picking a “boring” office staple as a fave? Pat on the back, indeed.

12 Comments on What I Wore: January Work Capsule

  1. I like the simplicity of 10. I have to say you may have created a monster. After seeing you in those terrific RL dresses I had to go out and buy two of them for myself! Scored a great deal on their website during their end of the year clearance for them both.

    • All I need to know is: do you like how they fit & look? Because if you do, then I have no regrets!!
      I haven’t owned them long enough to vouch personally, but a friend told me that these dresses are pretty indestructible (aka machine washable, look as good as new), so I think the quality is good for the price point (and it sounds like you got a heck of a deal – score!). They’re really easy pieces for working moms – no fuss, no muss.

  2. Love the “new look”! Especially the red blazer – those two outfits are my favourites. I really like the colour mix in 13.

    I agree with you on minimalism – even though I’m enjoying my (somewhat) streamlined closet after taking stock with my spreadsheet and getting rid of things I don’t wear – that doesn’t mean I don’t still want choices!

  3. My votes are for 2, 3, 6, and 13. I’m liking the new look – there’s a little flair peeking out here and there, but tastefully tailored into work appropriate blazers (lol)