Silence & Noise floral blazer; floral blazer plus stripes
Blazer, Silence & Noise (thrifted); top, RACHEL Rachel Roy (via consignment); skirt, J. Crew Factory; boots, Ecco; bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

As y’all know, I’m trying really hard to act like a grown-up at work, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t revert back to my true comfort zone on the weekends. And nothing is more comfortable and familiar than florals + stripes. I’ll be the first to admit that I rarely have much reason to get this dressed up on the weekend, but since it’s my only chance to wear some favourite pieces that don’t make the cut at work, I do it anyway. It doesn’t much matter, because the only thing most people get to see is my ginormous parka. I doffed it for these photos since it’s not particularly photogenic, nor does it add much to my outfit, except warmth. And you better believe that, notwithstanding my driveway frolicking, our current weather here (-20C) demands ALL the warmth.

And speaking of frolicking, in case you were wondering why I’m looking so, um, shifty, it’s because it was a very bright (and cold, did I mention cold?) day. Brighter than my mole-like eyes could handle. Luckily, my blogger handbook comes with instructions for a variety of eye contact-avoiding poses. Don’t believe me? I present Exhibits #2 and #3:

Silence & Noise floral blazer; floral blazer plus stripes
pensively down …
Silence & Noise floral blazer; floral blazer plus stripes
inquiringly to the side …

What can I say: it’s a skill, you guys.

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