rachel roy floral dress

Date night on vacation is more or less like date night back home: short and stressful. (Are the kids OK? Are the grandparents OK? I hope no one is murdering each other. I wonder what they’re up to? Let’s talk some more about the kids we’ve just spent all day with. For the last 6 days in a row. Isn’t this romantic?)

But I made an effort anyway.

rachel roy floral dress; resort style
Dress, RACHEL Rachel Roy (via eBay); belt, Anthro; bag, MbMJ (via consignment); shoes, J. Crew Factory

And my husband made an effort too. Keeping a straight face (and his comments mostly to himself) while taking a bazillion photos of your intrepid blogger.

rachel roy floral dress
looking alright from the back …

What we lacked in romantic spirit, our surroundings more than made up for.

(No children or grandparents were harmed in the making of this blog post.)

riviera maya mexico
salt water pool on the shore

5 Comments on Beach Vacation Style: Date Night

  1. You look great in all of your beach-resort photos! So relaxed and cheerful. The lighting and the sea-breeze helps too. 🙂 It looks like you had a great time.