J. Crew Lady Day cobalt coat; Boden Pimlico dress
Dress, Boden (via eBay); coat, J. Crew (via Kijiji); boots, Tahari; bag, Chanel (vintage)

So, this was a pretty ballsy colour combo, but I always tend to forget just how bright this J. Crew coat is. You know what else was really bright? The sun. We woke up to a half foot of fresh snow that morning, but it turned into a sunny (and relatively warm) day by the afternoon – and the reflection off all that snow was blinding.

Naturally, I deployed my blogger tactics:

J. Crew Lady Day cobalt coat; Boden Pimlico dress
Oh, hey, bag! Fancy seeing you there.

But, really, I was squinting up a storm. I’m sure you guys can handle a beady stare, though. Here it comes:

J. Crew Lady Day cobalt coat; Boden Pimlico dress
OK, fine, I’m squinting

On second thought, maybe I should stick to staring over my shoulder at the terribly interesting thing not actually happening over there.

5 Comments on Primary Colours

  1. I was so confused for a moment when the thumbnail popped up on Bloglovin as I wear this red dress with my cobalt coat & have blogged it before. Was thinking huh why has my old post popped into Bloglovin. Ha ha! Obviously I think you look great 🙂

    • Hehehe! You know I hunted down this dress because of you, right? You looked sooooo good in it, I had to have it.
      I never thought to pair it with the blue coat before, but I guess I wasn’t original about that either, LOL!

    • I tend to prefer red in small doses, but this dress looked so smashing on Lou, that I had to have it. I don’t know if red is my best colour, but I think it looks fantastic on brunettes and blondes.