Rachel Roy striped sweatshirt; Ferragamo Flavia pumps
Top, RACHEL Rachel Roy (via consignment); blazer, J. Crew; pants, American Eagle; shoes, Ferragamo (via consignment); necklace, House of Harlow

My last black and white outfit worked out really well, so I gave it another try on casual Friday. Except this time I added some red shoes, because my friend Jenni told me to. She liked my first effort fine, but felt it needed more colour. Sheesh, everyone’s a critic these days. [Just kidding, love ya, girl.]

Rachel Roy striped sweatshirt; Ferragamo Flavia pumps
casual Friday…

If I has dressed purely for the casual Friday aspect, I probably would not have bothered with the blazer; I had to pop in and out of client meetings all day, though, and the blazer seemed like a good idea. The beauty of a black and white outfit, I’m finding, is that it’s kinda hard to muck up, no matter how many extra pieces you pile on.

Rachel Roy striped sweatshirt; Ferragamo Flavia pumps
slightly less casual Friday …

4 Comments on Black & White, Redux

  1. I love how this looks on you – I feel I can never pull off the black blazer with black pants without it looking like I’m on my way to another med school interview, but now I’m tempted to try again. As soon as I can wear my red shoes, I’m copying 🙂

    • Do ittt! I think the skinny jeans and casual top make a difference – it’s clear this isn’t a suit, so you’re less likely to look like an interviewee.