Pleione black & white zigzag top
Top, Pleione; pants, American Eagle; shoes, J. Crew Factory

Shopping can be such a crap shoot at times; you might buy something fully convinced that you’ll love it forever (or at least for a year or two), only to find it necessary to part ways much sooner for any number of more or less foreseeable reasons. Conversely, there are the things you never knew you couldn’t live without … until you get them. Such is the case with this Pleione top I picked up at Winners for next to nothing. I still have no idea why I was so drawn to it in the first place, but I do know that initial instinct was right on the money. This print – so simple, so (dare I say it) minimalist – goes with so many things in my closet, and the fabric and cut are wonderfully comfortable. Jackpot.

Pleione black & white zigzag top
Bag, Tory Burch
Pleione black & white zigzag top
Bracelets, Swarovski & RACHEL Rachel Roy; necklace, Banana Republic

Whenever I wear this top, I’m inclined to keep the overall outfit pretty simple – and stick with a black & white palette, plus a single pop of colour. This time, though, I also added a metric ton a lot of accessories. You can only keep those magpie instincts in check for so long.

Pleione black & white zigzag top
casual Friday

21 Comments on Hitting the Jackpot

    • Thank you 🙂

      This was a casual Friday outfit for me, and while it may be too casual (or too dressy, in some cases) for others for work, I think it’s the kind of outfit that can be adapted by most people for any number of situations. So it’s a versatile (and quick) way to pull together an outfit.

    • Aww, thanks! It’s such an easy peasy outfit, so it’s good to hear that it also looks well put-together – I love a good minimal-effort outfit, LOL!

  1. Great top! I need your eye with me when I shop at Winner’s/Marshalls, I find it overwhelming to sort through the racks. Any tips to prevent that feeling of over stimulation?

    • Are you in Edmonton? I am always game for a Winners jaunt 😉

      I don’t really have any tips, because I’ve never found it too overwhelming (I think I have the thrifting gene, LOL!). Hmmm, let me think. Well, I would say: 1) know your store, especially its strengths (not all Winners are equal, and some sections/departments within each store may be better than others); and 2) tackle it section by section. For example, whenever I go to my fave Winners, I always do the same “route” – kind of like at the grocery store – and it only covers maybe 1/3 of the store.

    • Thanks! I’ve been wearing it a lot, and it’s very easy to throw a jacket on top – plus, the print adds a little bit of visual interest without being overwhelming.

  2. Black and white with gold accessories is one of my favorite combinations! Beautiful, elegant, classic. The pop of color in your shoes makes it even better!

    Your comment above about your outfit being too dressy for some made me giggle. I work in a VERY relaxed office….we’re talking pajamas and flip flops relaxed. It’s crazy. I pride myself in always looking very well put together and I think it affects my work, too! I feel much more ready to tackle a day’s work when I’m wearing a classic dress and heels.

    • well, I’m a big believer that in the power of clothes to affect our mood – especially confidence levels. So that makes total sense to me!
      And I love black & white combos – impossible to mess up!

    • Love them! They are among the most comfortable flats I have. Here’s the downside though: they are not made of real leather, and the faux suede gets dirty VERY easily. So far, I haven’t had a problem cleaning it, but I also tend to wear these flats mostly indoors, so I can’t speak to their practicality outdoors (or with intense use). If you ARE thinking of getting them, I would definitely wait for a good clearance sale. I have a few pairs in different colours, and usually paid under $40 a pair. I would not pay more, for sure.

    • I know “pops of colour” are a cliche in blogland at this point, but they do work so well sometimes, don’t they? I really like the black + white + accent colour combo: simple & classic.