DVF wrap dress
Dress, DVF (via consignment); shoes, Calvin Klein; bag, Tory Burch

Like 99% of the fashion industry, I have sung the praises of the wrap dress – and, in particular, the iconic DVF wrap dress – more times than I can count on this blog. Let’s take a minute and recognize the best thing about wrap dresses, as embodied in this particular number: they are ever so accommodating. My mom and I have traded this dress back and forth for the last 5 or 6 years, and I have worn it while pregnant – twice. All told, it’s probably covered a swing of at least 2-3 sizes, looking none the worse for it.

But here comes the disclaimer: I’m less enthusiastic about wrap dresses than I used to be. I think it’s because I’m getting older. No, listen, hear me out. The older I get, the less patience I have for any fussiness in my clothes. And wrap dresses have a wee tendency to be fussy. If you want to wear them to the office (and I don’t have anywhere else to wear them), you need either a camisole, or double-sided tape. These days, I refuse to bother with camisoles under dresses (or dresses that require camisoles) because I hate having to worry about keeping them in place, and seam lines, etc. Just no. Double-sided tape is a fine invention and, clearly, I am not above using it, as these pictures attest. But … eh. Apart from the ouch factor at the end of the day, it’s just one more thing I have to remember, and fiddle with, and I just got no time for that. So, the wrap dress: maybe not a must-have after all.

DVF wrap dress
the bag (I’ve decided to keep it)
DVF wrap dress
the necklace (Swarovski)

Of course, I’m not rushing out to get rid of my DVFs just yet. A good silk jersey dress is still … a good silk jersey dress. Like, at least a few steps above a potato sack, and pretty flattering to boot, you know?

So, yada yada yada, I also wore a bunch of other things, but you’ve seen them all before. Talk about my hair instead? I’ve been obsessed with Taylor Swift’s new(ish) song, Style. It’s all moody (well, TSwizzle moody) and atmospheric and 80s-reminiscent, and I adore it. The guy in the video reminds me of my new(is) crush, that kid who plays the Winter Soldier in the Avengers movie. (Don’t ask. I don’t know. I think I’ve seen that movie too many times.) It’s this weird convergence, you know? Anyway, I ended up buying Taylor’s whole damn album in the end, because I guess I’m a sucker for 80s riffs, and one of her other songs (Wildest Dreams) reminded me of Lana Del Ray. So then I went and downloaded Summertime Sadness, which is my favourite LdR track for a variety of reasons, starting with the title. [I totally think that “summertime sadness” is a thing; I get it at the end of August every year. Which has nothing to do with anything, but now you know.] On the track, Lana talks (sings? drawls? sing-drawls?) about “big hair, beauty-queen style” and, you guys, that is totally what we have here. 70s-style big waves (actually, third day hair, if we want to get technical) to go with a 70s style icon.

Convergences, man.

DVF wrap dress
let’s wrap this up (ha-ha!)

30 Comments on Reconsidering the Wrap Dress

  1. How about adding a stud / snap / popper (not quite sure what word you use there!)? You could hand stitch it in pretty easily and if it makes the fabric pull or sit weird just remove it. I absolutely feel the same about fuss free clothes though.

    • Why didn’t I think of that? I added those to other dresses, but somehow didn’t think to touch the *hushed voice* DVF. But you’re right – that could be an easy solution. No dress is too iconic for a little alteration.

    • I was just coming here to say the same thing! Has made all of the difference in my wrap/v neck dresses. I’m a bit pear-shaped, so I never fill out the top of a dress as well as I fill out the bottom, and I can’t stand fussing with my clothes all day. I can’t sew, but I had the tailor at my local dry cleaner add a tiny snap for about ten bucks per dress and I couldn’t be happier!

      • Yeah, unless I figure out my slip situation, I will definitely go this route. It’s made a huge difference to my other deep-V dresses – no more worrying about accidental cleavage!

  2. You look georgeous in the dress! And one couldn’t guess you went through two pregnancies in it! Isn’t it worth keeping just for all these memories?
    Too make getting dressed more easy you could sew the neckline together or hide a snap button. Since I’m always late in the morning this is my way to handle clothes like this. Tape is for special occasion dresses only 😉

    • Thank you 🙂 Oddly, in this case, I’m not too emotionally attached to the dress. I hated all my maternity clothes by the end of each pregnancy, LOL!
      I think I’m more attached to the idea that it’s a classic piece that my daughter may wish to wear some day. But you know how that goes … she’ll grow up to hate dresses, probably.

  3. I was having the same problem with my wrap dresses so I just bought a full slip to go under it. It’s reversible– one side is straight across and the other side is v-neck. So, you can wear it however you want. I know slips are so old-fashioned and all, but sometimes they still come in handy!

    • Not at all! I have been looking for a (full) slip forEVER! I just can’t find one, believe it or not. If you have any recc’s, please let me know.

      • I have a cheap one (Vanity Fair, maybe?) that I got at Walmart 🙁 It works, but I would like to find one that is better material. I need to take some time to go to an actual department store and find one!

  4. “That kid” is Sebastian Stan. You & I are in complete agreement…I would climb him like a tree.

    And, if you’re AT ALL unsure about the dress, I’d gladly take it off your hands for you. *ahem*

  5. I think beauty queen hair suits you. You should wear it like that more often.
    I usually wear a full slip under my dvf dresses. In case the wind blows the skirt open… Its happened.

    • Thanks! I love the look of eauty queen hair, but my hair doesn’t like the heat 🙁 I see a deep-conditioning treatment in its future.

      If you’ve got some recc’s for where to find a good full slip, hit me up in the comments!

      • I usually buy the Calvin Klein essentials full slips. I sleep in them too and they are very comfortable and will go under most dresses. I used to get them at the bay but I’m not sure if they still have them. I would take a dvf dress with you to the bay and try a bunch on to make sure the length and neckline are right. If you can find slips with the straps crossed in the back – get those. The straps won’t fall down and you won’t even notice you’re wearing something underneath.

  6. I recently bought these Jockey bra type things that have adjustable straps like a cami, padded cups, and the material and crop of a sports bra. They are wonderful for under work dresses so you don’t have the extra layer of full cami bunching under them. And I plan on wearing them all summer instead of a real bra on the weekens (it’s hot as hell here). You should check them out.

    • I know … now I feel dumb for not thinking about this before, especially because I’ve done it for other dresses. See, this is why I need you guys!!

  7. But wrap dresses are so great! I second the recommendation of a full slip underneath – I’ve bought a couple of vintage ones on eBay, but I hear that thrift stores are also a great place to find them 🙂

    • Don’t get me wrong – I like wrap dresses just fine (although I don’t like how they look paired with blazers or cardigans, which makes them a little bit less versatile for me). I’m just not sure if they’re necessarily a must-have closet staple, you know? There are a lot of other dress styles that can be equally flattering, depending on the person’s body type, preferences, etc.
      But I would never knock wrap dresses – that would be, like, sacrilegious, LOL!

  8. If it makes you feel like less of a dirty old lady, that kid is 32. A perfectly acceptable age difference.

    Keep the dress, it looks amazing on you. I have an bra that has a lace cami-like overlay for wearing under v-necks when I want them to look more modest. Olga has a couple of styles (35263 with lace, 35757 without lace). Mine is either by Grenier or Le Mystere from a local lingerie shop.

    • Hahaha! And yes, I do feel less like Wooderson on Dazed and Confused 😉

      No question about keeping the dress – not to mention, it’s *technically* my mom’s dress on a long-term borrowing – so thank you about the recc’s. That sounds like the sort of thing I was looking for re bras.