J. Crew Dutch floral sweatshirt
Sweatshirt, J. Crew; tee, J. Crew Factory; pants, AE; coat, Winners; boots, Josef Seibel; bag, MbMJ

Weekends have been a little rough over at Casa J over the last few weeks. The kids have been sick a lot, my grandmother was in the hospital for a bit, and I had to work, work, work. With everything going on, there wasn’t any time left for doing much except surviving. If left to my own devices, I tend to allow myself to wallow like you wouldn’t believe, so I’ve been working on staying focused on the things I need to do, and the people I need to help, rather than the negatives. With that said, I won’t lie: it was really nice to get a couple of hours “off” last weekend to spend alone with my husband. We went on a non-date date, and it was lovely.

And I wore my joy-sparking pink coat because, well … see description.

J. Crew Dutch floral sweatshirt

Admittedly, I didn’t get very good photos of this outfit (it was cold and time my husband’s patience was limited), but you get the general idea. After wearing this floral sweatshirt non-stop for while last year, I kinda forgot about it – I don’t even know how. Rediscovering it now (with joy, needless to say) made me remember that I had toyed with the idea of getting the pants version of this Dutch floral print. I need you guys to talk me out of it, because eBay beckons … and we all know how that ends.

J. Crew Dutch floral sweatshirt
in the pink

2 Comments on Weekend Pink

    • Thank you! I think this shade of pink works better than others – I can’t pull off warmer pinks like coral or salmon. Bubblegum it is!

      Honestly, I’m still hoping to one day find the dress version of the Dutch floral for super cheap, because that would be just fab. And if they “knock off” a Factory version in a pencil skirt, I’ll be all over it!