February was an Terrible Awful No Good Month for me in pretty much every respect. I don’t even want to get into the gory details because I’m trying to forget it ever happened. The only exception? My outfits – they were pretty good, you guys. Here’s a little confession from me to you: I rarely look back on any one of my monthly archives without cringing at least a little bit. Sometimes things don’t photograph well, to be sure, but more often than not, some outfits just don’t execute as well as one expects. But not this month! I would say that I’d rate almost every one of my outfits as a solid effort. [Side note: I have a hard time handing out superlatives, especially to myself. “Solid” is high praise as far as that goes, so please don’t think I’m humble-bragging or being stupidly self-deprecating or whatever. Deal?] The irony of which outfits did not make that rank will not escape you, once we get down to the details. But, first: I wore 27 pieces for 18 outfits, which is probably a new minimalist low. And I don’t mean “low” in the positive sense.

Now, whenever I plan these monthly “capsules”, I do tend to plan on wearing the same 5-6 “statement” pieces every week; there just happens to be more variability in the number of “completer” pieces that I end up using, and I find that I have little desire to push myself to pare down my selection. There are times when I already feel like I’m wearing the same things over and over – in an obviously repetitive way – and while no one at work has commented on it (or, I expect, noticed it), I just don’t feel inclined to take chances for the sake of some abstract goal. Well, I don’t know. Maybe I will; I’ll let you know in March. #fickle

If you want to read another take on capsule dressing, you must check out Nicole’s post on her accidental capsule.

work wardrobe capsule; office capsule
one, two, three
work wardrobe capsule; office capsule
four, five, six
work wardrobe capsule; office capsule; capsule wardrobe for work
seven, eight, nine
work wardrobe capsule; office capsule; capsule dressing
ten, eleven, twelve
office wardrobe capsule; work capsule; capsule dressing
thirteen, fourteen, fifteen
office wardrobe capsule; work capsule; capsule  dressing
sixteen, seventeen, eighteen

Ok, so my favourite piece this month was clearly my 3.1 Phillip Lim dress. Duh, you probably knew that. Narrowing down my outfit faves was hard, though. Like I said, I liked most of them a lot. It was easier to pick the ones I liked the least, and hold on to your hats, peeps: that would #7, 10 and 14. Holy unexpected turn of events, amirite?

I have to admit, I’ve never been a huge fan of the floral print of this dress, but it really stands out (negatively) from the rest of my capsule this month. I’ll also admit that my first instinct, upon reviewing all the photos together, was to get rid of the dress. I’m all about only holding on to things I love these days, and, clearly, I don’t love-love this dress. It was only $12, so it’s not a huge loss. [Although, in case you were wondering, the current cost-per-wear is a whopping $3. That’s bad, you guys.] But I love the style and fit of the dress, and it is super comfortable. That (combined with the cost-per-wear situation) is making me seriously question the whole purging idea. So, I’m torn. On one hand: letting go of so-so pieces is good, as is the idea of not paying for purchasing mistakes over and over (once out of pocket, and thereafter by guilt-tripping over them). On the other hand: it’s a perfectly nice, serviceable dress. I know it sounds ridiculous, but this dilemma is bugging me. As always, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

And now, say it with me: ahhhhh, spring is coming!!!! [At least on paper.]

20 Comments on What I Wore: February Work Capsule

  1. Spring is coming! It really is here though, it’s sunny which is taking the chill off, all the crocuses are out, daffs are out, tulips will soon follow…. Before we know it it’ll be autumn again 😉

    Anyway your Feb capsule wardrobe. Lots of blue, I really like the blue skirt in picture three that you posted very recently. I love looking back at these side by sides, keep up the good work! I’ve got 25 days left before I go back to work but I don’t think I’ll be documenting it as well as you have.

    • OMG, I am so jealous! Spring is an entirely abstract concept here. We won’t be seeing any flowers till May 🙁

      And my gosh – time is flying! I can’t believe how much Felix has grown – and he is so adorable (those cheeks!). I can’t wait to see what you wear back at work (all those gorgeous Boden dresses, gah!)

  2. Let the dress go. You have so many great looking and fitting clothes there is no sense to keep something that is so-so. I’ve had pieces like that – usually something expensive – I should like them, they fit fine, but when i wear them every time I see myself I wrinkle my nose. Loved your clothes this month and that one dress is amazing!

    • Thank you! I’ve decided to put the dress in storage for 6 months, and then re-evaluate.

      Although, now that I think about it, if someone at my upcoming clothing swap (or, hey, even a reader here) told me that they really loved it, I think I could probably part with it – knowing that it was going to someone who was going to enjoy it would alleviate the guilt. Which is silly, in a way, because if I just donate it, the same would probably end up happening. But, like, I NEED to know where my dress is going, hah! I know, I have weird attachments to my clothes …

  3. How did you feel while wearing the dress? Is it an easy and comfortable way to pull together a non-complicated outfit? Personally I like the direction of your style and I really like outfit #7. Maybe beige is also the issue (in both #10 & 14, and #16 blouse which is already gone). Keep the dress, wear it with black.

    • I think you might have hit the nail on the head. Well, one nail anyway 😉 I love tan, but perhaps I should just stick to accessories. Or pair it with black only.

      On the other hand, I’m still not crazy about the dress, even apart from the tan sweater. I do think it’s the print and colour palette …

  4. It’s interesting, I love the dress on you and I thought outfit No. 7 was very stylish. I would even offer to buy the dress from you, but, unfortunately, shipping costs to Europe seem prohibitive. But if you don’t feel well in the dress, it’s really no use holding on to it.

    • You’re right. If I’m still not loving it next fall, I’ll be letting it go. I feel like I need to keep in “purgatory” a little while longer, until I figure out if this whole new look is gonna stick around long-term or not.

      (P.S. I don’t think shipping costs are too too bad, provided you can wait a century for things to arrive by boat ;))

  5. If you don’t feel good while wearing the dress, then I say get rid of it. But that being said, I do think it looks great on you. I think it would look cute with matchy-matchy accessories…purple, pink, or blue shoes and belt. Or black blazer and black pumps.

    • I think it’s a combination of the print, and the colour palette. It’s all warm colours and navy, rather than black. I feel like it just doesn’t mesh as well with the rest of my wardobe :/

  6. In my most humble opinion Adina, the flowers on the dress and the skirt are too big for your small, daintily built self. They are wearing you instead of the other way around. Clothes! That’s no way to treat Adina!

  7. I like outfit #10 a lot! However, I just got a brain flash – I think it would look really good with your leopard shoes in the outfit next to it. Try it and let me know.

    I love the shades of blue throughout this capsule and the lovely warm sweater in #8.

    With respect to the dress, I don’t know. If you don’t love it and won’t wear it and won’t take the bother to make outfits with it, then it’s maybe more trouble than it’s worth. Then again, it is “serviceable”. Sometimes it’s nice to have a serviceable piece in the wardrobe, even if you don’t love it.

    • You’re right about the leopard shoes … in fact, I really should make more of an effort to wear them.

      As for serviceable pieces, I agree to some extent. I bought the dress because I thought it would be an easy, throw-it-on-and-go piece. But these days, I think I’m starting to value more having pieces I love, and feeling excited about wearing, rather than, you know, “meh, serviceable” 😉

  8. Hi there, Adina.

    I just found your blog and really love your office style, as well as witty writing. #5 stood out to me, as I like the way you belted your flyaway cardigan – quite unique!