striped eyelet dress
Dress, Earth Music Ecology (via consignment); blazer, Silence & Noise (thrifted); scarf; Joe Fresh; shoes, J. Crew Factory; bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

I don’t remember exactly when “lady dates” became an event in my life, but I would guess it was sometime after I had kids. Getting a few hours away, with a friend, doing something fun and kid-unfriendly (like wandering through an antique mall), adds up to a very fun afternoon. And my clothes … well, everything added up to a pretty fun outfit, too.

My dress is from some Japanese brand I hadn’t heard of before, and a little on the twee side, but hella comfortable. I was excited to wear a blazer instead of a coat, even though the weather was not exactly cooperating – hence the knit scarf. Let’s file this one under transitional dressing.

Cassie is my usual partner-in-thrifting (and consignment-shopping) but she was game for some antiquing this time, so we headed over to the Rocky Mountain Antique Mall on Gateway Boulevard. Where we saw this vintage beauty in the parking lot:

vintage car

Those wheels tho:

vintage car
seriously snazzy

I was not able to talk Cassie into buying this:

vintage americana
vintage americana?

I really wanted, but ultimately passed on this pretty mirror – we just don’t have anywhere to put it at the moment. Pity – it was a steal of a deal at only $25.

mirror, mirror on the, erm, chair ...
mirror, mirror on the, erm, chair …

I did buy a few things for the fam; Hot Wheels cars for Luka and Teddy, and this guy for my husband:

neoclassical bust
we take our neoclassicism very seriously

We’re obsessed with home design at the moment, and have determined that the style we both love best is modern neoclassical. Plaster busts might be taking that obsession a step too far, but we are not afraid to commit to things.

Of course, I didn’t leave without buying something for myself as well. You guys know that botanical prints are my weakness (one of many, clearly), so I couldn’t resist these little guys. I’m thinking of using them as little jewelry trays on my future dresser.

vintage botanical print plates
botanical prints!!
striped eyelet dress
windy day

6 Comments on Girls’ Own (Antiquing) Adventure

  1. love this transitional look – the combination is on point. And I lurrrrvvve your antiquing finds


  2. I have always wanted to go there! Are there any mid-century modern-ish pieces? Or is that not antique enough? ๐Ÿ™‚ And great outfit! For outings like that I wear jeans and tees. I may need to step up my game…

    • My husband is the mid-century modern aficionado, but I think the Rocky Mountain mall does have some smaller decor pieces that fit that time period/aesthetic. I didn’t see a ton of furniture; I think you would have better luck at the Old Strathcona Mall. Also, always check out Goodwill and Value Village too. And Kijiji. A friend of mine found some lovely mid-century type chairs for a great deal on Kijiji.

  3. Hi Adina, love your style! Really like the casual red and white stripes with the sweet floaty skirt… got to try it for myself!

    • Thanks so much ๐Ÿ™‚ The striped top and skirt are actually one piece, but I think replicating the look with separates would be awesome. Can’t go wrong with stripes ๐Ÿ˜‰