Happy (Orthodox) Easter, you guys! I cannot believe it’s April already – this year is flying by. March was a weird month. It went by fast and slow at the same time. A huge project, which had consumed the majority of my work life for the previous 2 months, was wrapped up at the beginning of March, and the rest of the month left like one long stress hangover. Thankfully, everyone at home was healthier, which left me more time … to obsess about first world problems, like whether anyone reads this blog. It also left me more time to shop, as my monthly recap amply demonstrated. At the same time, I can tell you that my closet is the leanest it’s been in years; I have been pushing myself to let go of everything in my closet that doesn’t spark joy, and while I’m not quite there yet, I’m slowly getting close.

On this month’s details: 24+ items for 23 outfits. And here they are:

word wardrobe capsule; work capsule; capsule dressing
one, two, three
word wardrobe capsule; work capsule; office capsule
four, five, six
work wardrobe capsule; office capsule
seven, eight, nine
work wardrobe capsule; office capsule
ten, eleven, twelve (1)
work wardrobe capsule; office capsule
twelve (2), thirteen, fourteen
work wardrobe capsule; work capsule
fifteen, sixteen, seventeen
work wardrobe capsule; office style capsule
eighteen, nineteen, twenty
work wardrobe capsule; office capsule
twenty one, twenty two

A few explanatory notes are in order. I wore 2 separate outfits on St. Patrick’s day: one to the office, and one to a client event in the evening. The green H&M dress I got at the swap was perfect for the latter, but a little too much for the office, so I paired my favourite new skirt with the only other green piece in my wardrobe. I should also mention that #3 and #10 are not the same outfit – I am actually wearing different pants, although it doesn’t really look like it.

On to my favourites. I loved too many individual pieces to be able to pick just one, so I will cheat a little and go with an accessory instead: my new (to me) YSL Muse Two bag. As for selecting favourite outfits, that was no less difficult; in the end, I think I have to go with #2, #6, and #14. My least favorite were #15 and #22, which felt a little bit “blah”.

Tell me what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to check out the “Capsules” tab when you get a chance.

16 Comments on What I Wore: March Work Capsule

  1. Hi Adina! You and I have very similar hair, skin, and eye colour… Just wondering if you wouldn’t mind passing along a list of your favourite makeup & hair products? I love the look of your red lipstick, but I’ve never been able to find a good red for myself! Thanks a bunch!!

    • I use primarily Rimmel Colour Rush lip crayons – my current red is The Redder The Better. I have a post coming up on these crayons – I love them. As for my other make-up, it’s mainly unexciting drugstore stuff, but I’ll try to think of some interesting way to talk about it all πŸ™‚

  2. I really like all your work capsule posts! Your original post with outfit number six actually inspired me to try out a more billowy long-sleeved blouse tucked into skirt outfit. (I normally stick with sleeveless shells because I find that long-sleeved blouses often don’t work as well on me.)

    • I like that silhouette because it really highlights the waist, which is one of my best features (so, clearly, I’m biased). How did it work for you?

  3. I love the shirts in 3 and 4, and I covet all your print dresses! Something about the blazer in 14 reads very Rich Person Country Casual to me, it makes me think that you are going to tell the servants to bring your boots and saddle up one of your horses for a ride. In a good way, in case that’s not clear, I love the blazer fabric with your coloring. Cool colors are clearly your jam but the tweedy brown really looks lovely on you.

    For me, 6 is my least favorite, it kind of strikes me as looking like you are drowning in a sea of navy (in a nice and professional way, of course). The volume of the skirt plus the blazer seem to be a bit heavy to me, I’d love to see that skirt with a lighter jacket as opposed to the blazer, or maybe a cardigan?

    • Rich Bitch! LOLOLOL! I think I love that blazer even more now.

      I wore #6 primarily without the blazer, but I like having the option to “dress up” an outfit if need be. I know that most regular-length blazers (regardless of weight) will look a bit overwhelming because of the high waist on the skirt plus its volume, but I think this one looked as streamlined as possible. I hate cropped blazers, so I wouldn’t bother with that, although I will definitely try a cardigan.

  4. Five and twenty both caught my eye, but they’re both really close to my comfort zone, so that doesn’t surprise me at all. Loving the inclusion of navy blue instead of black.