Sweet Chemise dress
Dress, Sweet Chemise (thrifted); shoes, Nine West; bag, MbMJ

This dress was one of my all time best thrift store finds. I think I paid $12 for it. It may not be apparent in photos, but the construction of it is superb. It fits like a glove, without looking like sausage casing. Seriously, there is some magical thing happening around the stomach area, because this dress practically gives me the washboard abs of my dreams – AFTER lunch, no less. Magic, I tell you!

brooch, thrifted; earrings, old enough that I don't remember / some mall store
brooch, thrifted; earrings, old enough that I don’t remember / some mall store

The neckline is tricky. I prefer wearing a brooch, rather than a necklace or big earrings, with this dress, and this thrifted number always struck me as a perfect fit. It’s a real cheapie, but somehow looks way chic.

Sweet Chemise dress
Total cost (not including bag): $76 / Retail: $235 (approx.) / CPW: $12.40

14 Comments on A Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. Gah! You have been killing it lately! I am always so inspired by your amazing thrift finds. Off to the consignment store I go…

  2. Superb dress, looks a great fit from here & I love the broach. Used to wear broaches loads when I was younger, not sure I’ve any left now.

    • They CAN be hard to style in a way that looks contemporary. I’ve taken something I read about Schiaparelli to heart, and nowadays try to throw on brooches in unexpected places, off-centre, etc. just to avoid the “grandma” vibe.

  3. Thrift store finds are my very favorite! It feels like you’ve really hit the jackpot when you scour through racks of dress duds only to find something as beautiful (and cheap) as this! Brava!

    • The gambling analogy is really apt, actually. I seem to remember vaguely, from my undergrad psychology classes, that gambling is reinforced through unpredictable incentives (occasional wins) – and I feel like thrifting can become addictive in the same way. 9 times out of 10, thrifting can be a bust – but that 10th time you’ll find something so amazing, it keeps you going back.

      • Exactly! But if you don’t score that amazing dress, there’s no financial harm like money wasted in casinos. Sure, you may “lose” a few hours and come out empty handed…but the act of searching for me is almost therapeutic, so I don’t mind it at all. Bring on the thrifting!

    • Thanks! I love any chance to wear a brooch, and this dress calls for one – brooches can look a bit “old”, but not in this case.