no really, it's May
no really, it’s May

No, this isn’t one from the archives. This was 2 weeks ago, in Edmonton.

picturesque and depressing at the same time
picturesque and depressing at the same time

I would love to tell you it was a freak weather event, but the reality is that it wasn’t. And, around here, it probably wouldn’t be even in June. *quiet sobbing*

Ahem. Here is what I happened to be wearing that day. It’s far less dramatic.

Loft windowpane pants
Pants, Loft; sweater & necklace, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Nine West; bag, Marc Jacobs (via eBay)
Loft windowpane pants
black and white all over

My husband endlessly mocks me when I wear these pants, but I still like them. They’re holding their shape pretty well, save for some slight bagging around the knees, which seems inevitable at this point – all my skinny ankle pants succumb, to greater or lesser degrees. So, well done, LOFT! Will buy your Marisa pants again.

Loft windowpane pants
turquoise bag is where it’s at

15 Comments on Christmas in May

  1. Oh wow, that’s a pretty decent amount of snow! It’s always really depressing to get those late snows, I remember one year when we got almost two inches on the last day of June and it was just awful. ( and it snowed again at the start of Sepetember so what was even the point of summer?). I hope it warms up and melts off all of that snow!
    PS- I really have enjoyed seeing all of the outfits you’ve created with these pants! You’ve made them look really easy to style and I love how these shoes kinda echo the lines of the pants.

    • It IS depressing. We have such a short summer anyway, that it feels like we’re being cheated. Thankfully, it melted within a few days, and now we’re getting up there in the high 60s (which is summer-ish, for us).

      I really love these pants. I’ve tried to keep my outfits for the office simple, because they are a bolder pattern, but I would love to pair them with a floral print. One day!

  2. Snow in May would drive me crazy!! Those pants are amazing, and I’m realizing now I kind of need a basic solid white necklace. What a perfect piece for this outfit!

    • Thanks! Yes, a solid white necklace is suprisingly versatile, especially in my closet (white is a prominent accent colour). I do wish it was something a little abstract/geometric rather than flowers, but I can live with it. It was a great clearance buy at the J. Crew outlet ($12, I think?)

  3. I’m going to just close my eyes and not look at the snow pictures. I’m trying to put it out of my memory…

    That being said, I love the outfit. Especially those pants! I don’t know what your hubby is talking about giving you a hard time for them.

    • He says I look like the Daniel Day Lewis character in Gangs of New York. He just loves to find ways to needle me, but joke’s on him: I love these pants.

  4. Love those pants! I have the LOFT windowpane print dress (black on white) but I may have to track down the pants as well and break into the world of patterned pants.