floral blazer
Blazer, Silence & Noise (thrifted); blouse, Old Navy; jeans, Rachel Roy; shoes, Calvin Klein; bag, Marc Jacobs

Sorry, you guys: nothing groundbreaking here. Just a solid casual Friday outfit. When I originally bought this blazer, I swore I wouldn’t wear it to the office, but here we are. It’s just too comfortable to relegate to weekend wear exclusively. I usually stick to the formula of print top + solid colour blazer, but the reverse can work on casual days.

floral blazer
easy casual Friday formula

I wore this outfit the Friday after an extra long day on the road (for business, alas), when I was basically running on diet Coke and the fumes of my will to live. To distract people from noticing, I piled on a bunch of pink make-up; pink always looks bright and cheerful, right? Ehhh …

pink eyeshadow
intentional pink eye
floral blazer

Oh, I almost forgot: I recently decided to take off my gel nails. I know some of you have asked in the past about my manicure, so I thought I’d give you a quick update. I loved the look of my gel nails, but the time commitment involved in getting them re-done every 3-4 weeks was becoming too much for my weekend schedule to handle. So far … I’m not hating my natural nails. Especially when they’re painted. They’re definitely pretty thin/soft at the moment, but I’ve only had 2 break in nearly 2 weeks (normal for my nails before). #blahblahblah

Ok, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

office capsule; work wardrobe capsule
one hand in my pocket …

16 Comments on Casual Friday Redux

  1. I like this one a lot! You look comfortable and pulled together. No reason to totally avoid crazy florals forever if they make you happy. And this jacket works for you big time! Yay for short, low(er) maintenance nails.

  2. I like the clothes, but I really like the nail colour. Your nails don’t seem to be in bad condition.

    • Thanks! They really aren’t; I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I keep them very short, to lower the risk of breakage. Polish doesn’t look as nice (I don’t really bother to do a proper manicure, and so the polish doesn’t go on as smoothly) but it looks presentable enough even for the office.

  3. lipstick color in this one, please! Been looking for the perfect brighter pink for a wedding next weekend and this one looks lovely.

    • I feel terrible for not remembering this exactly, but it’s one of my pink Rimmel Color Rush crayons – most likely, either Rumour Has It or Boom Chic a Boom. I did a post on these a while back – if you search for “Rimmel” in the search bar, it should pop up and there are photos of all of the Rimmel colours. Hope you find a colour you love!

    • I have a love-hate relationship with tucking. I like the look of it, especially in front, but I hate the bother of keeping it all tucked in all the time (especially the back). Hence the half-tuck (AKA shame tuck) – I know some people hate it, but it’s practical, dammit!

    • My nail tech recommended an Orly nail strenghtener, which I’m using. I’ve also heard that Duri is supposed to make a great product, but is hard to find. It’s been about a month now, and my nails are actually doing pretty good. The hard part is waiting for all the last little bits of gel to grow out (my tech didn’t want to drill right down so as not to damage my nail) and remembering to file them down to keep them short. I’ve been having fun with nail polish again, though. I may have to try the OPI if I have issues again. Thanks for the recc!

    • It’s really simple (because I’m not a make-up whiz by any means): just a light colour on the lid, with a slightly darker shade (I used pink here, but I usually use either camel or peach) in the crease. I use my fingers, because I’m a toddler, apparently 😉 My eye shadows are all Lancome. I keep meaning to write a make-up post, but I forget. If y’all are truly interested, I’ll try to get my act together.