Dress, J. Crew Collection (via consignment); blazer, Topshop (via eBay); shoes, Stuart Weitzman; necklace, J. Crew Factory; bag. Mulberry (via eBay)
Dress, J. Crew Collection (via consignment); blazer, Topshop (via eBay); shoes, Stuart Weitzman; necklace, J. Crew Factory; bag. Mulberry (via eBay)

Let’s ignore the blush atrocity happening here, and focus on my outfit, ok? It’s pretty cute, right? I was not 100% sold on this J. Crew Collection dress when I bought it, but got swayed by the deal ($40, new with tags at consignment). It may not be the most versatile thing I own, but I’m still glad I bought it. The colours and fabric weight are perfect for summer (at least in an air-conditioned office), and the cut is very office-friendly. The above-the-knee hemline is nicely balanced out by a high neck (perfect for statement necklaces), and there is enough coverage on the shoulders that I can wear it in my office without a topper.

bright 'n summery
bright ‘n summery

Speaking of which, this Topshop blazer is another new addition to my closet, and another great summer piece. I wasn’t able to find it in stores (sold out everywhere – sad face), but I did manage to grab it on eBay for about $40. I like the look of it a lot, but I don’t think the quality is worth more. I don’t have a lot of experience with Topshop, but if this blazer is a good indicator of their general quality, I think I may stick with J. Crew (outlet or consignment) in the future. If you’ve got thoughts/feedback on Topshop, hit me up in the comments!

blazered up for work
blazered up for work

9 Comments on Summer Neon

  1. You’re really lucky you’ve found that dress! It’s a great way to incorporate some color in your summer wardrobe, since the cut makes the neon yellow color wearable.

    I also love how you style the dress with the neutral blazer. Probably, I would’ve tried to match the pink dots – and then failed to find the right color 😉
    Curious to see that blazer styled in differt ways, I think it can lighten up many different outfits to make them look a bit more summerly!

    • I’m wearing it today! I like the colour of it, but I’m not sold on the quality, still. It’s just too … polyester-y feeling. I also have to take it off when I eat lunch because, hello, stain-magnet.

  2. I love the way you styled this dress! The color palette is so refreshing. It’ll be a while, of course, but I look forward to seeing how you style this for cooler weather. Maybe a navy blue blazer and tights? What a great find!

    • Thanks! I don’t know if I’ll end up wearing it for fall or winter. It seems like such a summer piece, you know? Even though I don’t do seasonal clothing usually, this might be an exception. But I think it would look great with navy.

  3. I ordered that blazer after you highlighted it, and promptly returned it. Not a good look for me but it was a nice piece. Glad to see it looking so good on a real life lady. Totally worth what you paid. I like it on your instagram with the purple and blue, too.

    • Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that. Was it just the cut? The quality is iffy for me as well. Having gone back to look, I’m actually not 100% sure if it’s the same blazer as I had previously shown on the blog, or a previous year’s version of it. Mine seems longer in the front. It’s hard to tell when you’re buying off eBay.

  4. It was mostly cut that did it in for me. A weird drape over the chest so that the lapels floated away from my body in an odd way that a button might have fixed. The back was great, tho. Agree that the fabric was questionable, too. Good construction but felt a bit coarse to the touch.