Currently Wishful Thinking About: Ted Baker Prints

Ted Baker Opulent Bloom dress
Ted Baker Opulent Bloom dress

I just scored a great Ted Baker dress at Red Pony Consignment for a steal, but I want more. MORE, I tell you. Ted Baker does the most incredible prints, especially florals. I want them all! Too bad my budget is not agreeable. They’re also probably too flamboyant for my office, so they’re basically wish-fulfillment clothes. Like, “who do I wish I were today” clothes. Sigh. I could have ENTIRELY TOO MUCH fun with that kind of approach to dressing.

Currently Loving: Everywear Edmonton

Anthropologie Hamatreya skirt
Everywear theme: denim style

If you check out today’s print edition of the Edmonton Journal, you may recognize a familiar face. That’s right, I made the paper, baby – and you can too. That’s the beauty of Everywear Edmonton, a new social media venture that launched recently in conjunction with the Journal. What’s Everywear? It’s a community of style and fashion enthusiasts based around Edmonton, and its goal is to share the best of what the city has to offer in terms of style self-expression in a fun and inclusive way. So, if you’re on Instagram, follow @everywearyeg and tag your OOTDs with the same hashtag. Each week, they select a new theme and monitor the hashtag #everywearyeg for new submissions. The best photos appear on Fridays in the style section of the Edmonton Journal, and you can check out what your fellow Edmontonians are wearing there or on IG … and maybe find some awesome new inspiration.

I’ve been excited about Everywear ever since I first heard about the idea behind it. I love that it aims to bring a spotlight on Edmonton as a city of style, which is about damn time. There are so many amazingly creative people – men and women – I see on the streets everyday, and it’s fantastic to see that represented and recognized. My favourite part is that it’s not a community limited to the “fashion elite” or any particular aesthetic. Style should be democratic, and diverse, and fun, and Everywear is all about that. But it only works if people take part in the community, and share their passion … so join me and join in!

Currently Reading: Book Edits

Work has been utterly insane this week, so I am spending my almost non-existent free time working on the edits of my first story/chapter. Writing is hard work, y’all. I have mad respect for anyone who manages to stick with it, because let me tell you: I just about quit this book about 4 times in the last 2 weeks. Anywhoodle. One book I’m looking forward to reading on my upcoming mini-break (“July is only 3 weeks away” is my new mantra) is China Rich Girlfriend. I loved Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians, and if this isn’t quite a sequel, I hope it’s in the same vein.

Currently Obsessing Over: How Much GoT Is Pissing Me Off This Season

Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

On one hand, Drogon-ex-machina. Predictable but still so, so awesome. On the other hand, Stannis Baratheon, you are dead to me. And the screenwriters who thought up that whole plot, too. I had actually grown fond of show-Stannis (book version is a stick-in-the-mud nutjob), because he seemed like a really stand-up kind of guy – or, at least, what passes for one in Westeros. But no. We can’t have any of those on this show, apparently. I CANNOT wait to see how they muck up Jon’s storyline next week *sarcasm font engaged* Because I saw that look, Olly. Et tu, Brutus?

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  1. Last week’s Game of Thrones episode upset me very much. I’ve also been extremely grouchy about some of the other storyline changes this season (poor Sansa). Yet I can’t stop watching the show this season because I’m curious about whether they’ll get further along with the storyline than the books have.

    I liked Crazy Rich Asians. A lot of the small details in the book ring very true to life, both as to being Asian-American and what very little I know about consumption habits among the wealthy in HK. I’m not sure I’ll get to China Rich Girlfriend anytime soon though, since I have less time to read for fun this summer.

    I didn’t realize you were writing something for publication! Good luck with the writing, I can only imagine that its a long hard slog.

    • Well, I don’t have a book deal if that’s what you mean. Sorry, that wasn’t the impression I meant to give. I’m just editing my first (very) rough draft, of my first chapter. So … early days. It’s a hard slog, for sure. Now that I’m 90% finished with the first, I am actually feeling a bit more optimistic.

      I have been feeling very underwhelmed and blah about this whole GoT season, and yet I still watch. I’ll probably watch next season too, if only because GRRM will never finish the 6th book. (Prove me wrong, George!) But I have a lot of issues with the show, and its portrayal of about 80% of the characters/plot lines, and it has nothing to do with being a book reader. I actually enjoy when the show deviates from the books, or at least I do in principle (because, in practice, I question the taste level/motivation of the showrunners).