Dress, Target; necklace & shoes, J. Crew Factory; belt, H&M
Dress, Target; necklace & shoes, J. Crew Factory; belt, H&M

I’m sorry, you guys. I’m sure you’re heartily sick of this dress by now. I am, too, kinda. Except that it’s a really, ridiculously flattering, ridiculously comfortable thing, and I just can’t stop wearing it. If we still had Target up here in Canada (sob), and if Merona had put out some new print version of this dress this summer, I would be buying multiples. Trust.

summer stylin'
summer stylin’

Also a great summer piece? This white flower necklace. So big, so “two years ago”, so cute. White is a lovely summer accent colour – it’s “light” and goes with everything. Ditto for flowers, of course.

the dress that won't die
the dress that won’t die

2 Comments on This Old Thing Again

  1. I have this dress in a different pattern, and didn’t even realize it came in this pattern as well! I wore this dress about every other day on a 3-week vacation last year, despite the fact that it’s a very bold pattern easily recognizable in photos, whoops. It’s just so easy and comfortable and POCKETS. I may or may not have just tracked this one down on ebay, despite the fact that I’m 7+ months pregnant and probably should not be shopping for “normal” clothes.

    • I do NOT blame you! In fact, I may poke around eBay as well. This is, hands down, my favourite maxi. It’s basically perfect for the summer.