Cardigan, J. Crew Factory; top, J. Crew (via consignment); pants, BR; shoes, Nine West; bag, Marc Jacobs
Cardigan, J. Crew Factory; top, J. Crew (via consignment); pants, BR; shoes, Nine West; bag, Marc Jacobs

This was my work uniform for most of my career. Until the past year, I worked in a very much behind-the-scenes capacity in my field, which meant little to no client interaction – hence, my casual take on business wear. I’ve been wearing blazers far more frequently than cardigans in recent months, but I still occasionally feel a twinge of nostalgia for the old standby. And what do you know? It still works. It’s a cute outfit, even if it does feel a little “2009-2012 Adina”. Long time blog readers will probably know exactly what I mean.

cardigan love
cardigan love

There’s not much else I have to say about it. You guys know I love me a nice floral, and J. Crew can usually be counted to bring out a good one every other year. This one is a few seasons old (found at consignment) and it’s definitely a keeper for me. I love the dark & moody palette, and it plays nicely with my wardrobe colours – including this jade green. Throw on some black pants, and I’m good to go. To work 🙂

ghost of jobs past
ghost of jobs past

12 Comments on Ghosts of Outfits Past

  1. I love the description of moody florals (my favorite kind!) and this blouse in general. Do you still get many behind the scenes days?

  2. I love old school (skool?!) Adina, well, old work Adina. I feel more put together in a blazer or jacket too rather than a cardi but no one cares here and I’m rarely customer facing either 🙂

  3. I love this outfit (do I say that about every single one? probably). My cardigan collection is down to 0 right now – where are your favorites from? I need some.

    • Hey, I don’t mind hearing it every time 😉

      Total basic bitch answer but J. Crew. And more specifically, the Clare cardigan at the Factory store. Those are my everyday go-to cardigans. I also have some old school J. Crew, merino wool, V-neck cardigans with ruffles (sorry, don’t know the name), which I bought on eBay or consignment. I like the quality of both types, if you can find them around the $20-30 mark.

  4. Love this outfit. Great shoes too. I can’t tell if they’re flats or not. Sadly, due to my old fractured ankle I almost exclusively wear flats now.

  5. I like the cardigan! While I don’t have the same client restrictions as you, I vary between cardigans and blazers but often end up wearing one or the other exclusively for a period of time. I notice in the summer I wear more cardis and in the winter more blazers. I also like to wear blazers if I have a meeting – particularly if I’m running the meeting!

  6. New reader here. Just wanted to let you know I recently stumbled on your blog and am really enjoying it! You and I have very similar coloring, so it’s nice for me to be able to see I love the way a color looks on you and try it for myself. This whole outfit absolutely looks like something I’d wear. It’s great to find someone who also enjoys color. I find many fashion bloggers very neutral heavy.
    Also-I’m loving your haircut. I’ve read through the archives a bit-do you currently have a perm or are you just curling it? So pretty!

    • Thanks and welcome!
      I am growing out a perm, but it looks pretty terrible so I usually either straighten or curl my hair. The first 2 perms I did were great, but the last one really fried my hair for some reason, and never looked quite as nice. On the plus side, I recently discovered the curling wand and it’s changed my hair game 😉

  7. Cute outfit. I saw a post where someone copied it and couldn’t figure out why there’s didn’t work. Moody florals was the answer! Their’s had a white background and it just didn’t go like yours does.

    • You know I’m partial to my moody florals! But with that said, I when saw MK’s post, I thought she put a lovely spin of her own on the outfit. I believe she lives in Florida, so I think a brighter florals makes more sense there. I think it’s always fun to see how the same outfit idea gets translated in different ways by different people 🙂