What nice things can I say about August? The weather mostly didn’t suck. And I went on vacation, which was fun. Um, that’s about it. Here’s a short list of other things that happened in August that were not so nice: I turned 35 (and had a lot of angst about it), stressed out about a lot of things (my birthday, work, creative blocks, working mom guilt, you name it), and came down with a bad case of end-of-summer sadness. Basically, August was one of those months when I felt like I was consistently failing at life. Slight hyperbole? Very slight.

If that’s been reflected in the blog in any way (ahem, sorry for the tardy replies), then I apologize. I try to keep this space a strictly fun/frivolous environment because, really, nobody is here to read about my typical suburban, working parent problems. With that said, if you’re interested in reading posts about things other than OOTDs, secondhand shopping and the usual BCRL fare, then let me know. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) post, but I honestly don’t know if you guys have any truly burning questions for me. (Other than wanting to know about my lipstick, which you can read about here). So I would love to hear from you in comments, if that’s the case.

On to the outfits:

one, two, three
one, two, three
four, five, six
four, five, six
seven, eight, nine
seven, eight, nine
ten, eleven, twelve
ten, eleven, twelve
thirteen, fourteen, fifteen
thirteen, fourteen, fifteen

August was a short work month because I was on holidays for a week, so you get only 15 examples of my remixing prowess (sarcasm font engaged). I actually liked most of them, though. If I had to pick, my favourites were #3, #6, #13, and #15, with honourable mentions going to #2 and #10 for being two of my best “old standbys” – I will never not feel great when I wear these dresses. Least favourite outfit was probably #1, and mostly because I feel like this skirt needed hemming; that has now been fixed, and I’m excited to re-try this combo at some point in the future.

19 Comments on What I Wore: Work Capsule, August 2015

  1. August babies for the win! 🙂
    I’d be interested in hearing how you juggle everything seeing as we are both in the same place, although I think you work full time? I only do three days a week right now but that is going up soon – ARGH!

    • Whoo hoo! Happy birthday to us 😉

      I don’t know if I manage to juggle so much as constantly try to pick up the balls I’ve dropped. But somehow everything (usually) works out. Which is to say, I’m flying by the seat of my pants, and if I haven’t crashed and burned yet, I’m sure you will be able to soar. Good luck!

  2. I enjoy seeing what you wear and all your great bargains, but the real thing that brings me back is your writing. You’re funny and relatable and there’s not a whiff of “perfect aspirational blogger life” in anything you write. I say all that to say – I will happily read anything you would like to share. I especially enjoy hearing how other women balance work and home and all the guilt that goes along with trying to do it all.

    • Thank you, Jenny! My life (like most people’s, I’m sure) is so far from perfect, it would be hilarious if I tried to go for anything remotely aspirational. Also, who has the time for all the effort that sort of image requires? I would need little blogger elves to help me 😉

    • I second everything Jenny says – I love your outfits but what keeps me coming back is you and your writing! Sorry to hear August was so sucky for you.

      • I should have been more fair – a lot of my angst in August was probably self-inflicted, so I don’t really have anyone to blame. I really just need to get in a better headspace for Sept.

        But thank you – I love hearing that you guys are still enjoying my blog (whining notwithstanding)

  3. I would love if you did an AMA! I am very curious about how you got into your field at work and how you try to find work/family/blog balance. Would you consider doing a “day in the life” post?

    I did sense a little bit of angst this month but the end of summer causes angst in all of us, so I could have been projecting a bit too 😉

    Oh and I’m curious about your J Crew factory blazers as of late… how is the sizing/quality?

    Thanks Adina!

    • Thanks for the AMA suggestions!

      I’ll just add a quick line about the J Crew Factory blazers – I really like them. I like the fit/cut a lot, although they are a little bit on the long side (I wear the regular, not petite). That doesn’t bother me though; I do have a longer torso, so this length works better than a cropped blazer. I would say that fit about half size to one size bigger. I wear a 2, whereas I think I’m more of a 4 at the regular J. Crew store. If you’re in between sizes, I would say size down for sure.

      Quality-wise, they’re not as nice as the regular J. Crew blazers (no lining, or very thin poly lining), but they have held up well so far otherwise (the oldest one I have is about 2 years old). My tweed Factory blazer is hands-down one of my faves, and it actually has some nice details like faux leather buttons. The one thing that drives me a little nuts is that none of the Factory blazers have an inside pocket (handy for business cards, and my office access pass). But that’s a minor quibble 😉

      I would not pay full retail price for them, though. I’ve bought all of mine for under $50, and I think they are good quality for that price point if you need office wear.

  4. I personally really enjoy reading non-fashion/style posts on the fashion and personal style-centric blogs I follow. I enjoy reading your writing, so I’d be happy to read anything you feel inspired to post!

    As for questions for an AMA-type post: I would also be interested in a “day in the life” type post or things about work and life balance, like some other readers mentioned above.

  5. I would love your perspective on being a working parent. My husband and I both really want kids in that hypothetical way, but I also really love my job and have all the usual career/balance/mom guilt worries. I know the general answer is “figure it out,” but I’m always looking for individual perspectives on what that actually looks like.

    • Mom guilt is real! I didn’t realize how insidious it could be until I had kids. It’s a constant struggle, to be honest. And as far as balance, that is a constant struggle too – there is no “set it, and forget it” option. I might eventually expand on this in a separate post (if I get my act together long enough to write it), but the No. 1 thing for “making it work” is having a supportive, 100% engaged spouse and working out a plan together that (hopefully) allows you both to maximize your strengths, goals, and ambitions. Kudos to single parents, because I honestly don’t know how they do it.

  6. Love the capsule – looks like a fresh and floral group of outfits for summer. Yet not overly summery in that they’re still appropriate for the summer.

    And I strongly agree with all the other posts about MOAR writing from you – either an AMA or a day in the Life or just mini-rants about life. We’re all trying to make it through and it’s good to hear from someone else on the front lines.

    • Thanks, Laura! I really just need to make some time for this blog again, as far as writing goes. I’m getting close to finishing the first draft of the book, so fingers crossed 😉

  7. I would really enjoy reading an AMA post! The above suggestion for a day in the life post also sounds great- I a fellow lawyer so that would be a fun read. It’s always interesting to read about bloggers’ lives (what you’re comfortable sharing).

    • I love reading other people’s stories too. Although I’m always wary of sharing too much about anything related to my job, for reasons I’m sure you can understand. I’ve toyed with the idea of a “day in the life” and an AMA, but I’m forever wavering for that reason. I wouldn’t want any of it to come and bite me in the butt 😉

  8. Hi Adina,
    I agree with all the comments written so far. I too am curious about how you juggle everything, with a full time career and two kids, you still manage to regularly post on this blog. Wow you’re amazing!
    Your time management skills are definitely better than mine, and I don’t have kids yet lol.

    • Oh gosh, no. Not amazing at all, believe me. I drop a lot of balls (or make a lot of compromises, I guess) because there is only so much time, and nobody can do it all. I just don’t write about all those things I don’t get around to doing. And, honestly, I sometimes feel bad for not putting in more work on the blog and blogging in general … so I really appreciate it that you guys are still sticking around.

  9. I know about your lipstick. I went out and bought me some after reading your recommendation! But my question is, how do you decide what color to wear? I really want to know. I never have learned how to choose which color of lipstick to wear. Do the clothes you are wearing that day determine your choice? Please help. 🙂