Blazer, blouse & sweater, J. Crew Factory; skirt, Anthropologie (via eBay); shoes, J. Crew; bag, vintage Chanel (via consignment)
Blazer, blouse & sweater, J. Crew Factory; skirt, Anthropologie (via eBay); shoes, J. Crew; bag, vintage Chanel (via consignment)

This was a total impulse outfit. I’ve been thrifting (and eBay stalking) a lot of Anthro pieces, and it made me realize that I don’t wear the ones I have — and love — nearly enough. Case in point: this Nathalie Lete skirt. I end up “saving it” for the perfect occasion, which never seems to materialize, because I worry that it’s too girly and/or casual for work. Well, life’s too short. I “adulted” it as much as I could, and went to work with a smile on my face. Here’s a closer look at that gorgeous print:


Incidentally, my vintage Chanel bag is also not getting enough love, so I’m pushing myself to rectify that. It’s a bit on the small side for my day-to-day needs, and I worry about the wear and tear (this bag is almost as old as me), but these are small quibbles. It does add an instant dash of lady-like elegance to any outfit. Perfect match for my too-girly Anthro skirt? Hah.

After looking at these photos, I have a feeling I wore almost this exact same outfit (minus shoes) before … but I’m too lazy to check. As far as I’m concerned, if that’s the case, it’s only more proof of the staying power of favourites.

taking some old favourites for a spin ...
taking some old favourites for a spin …
still the prettiest skirt ...
still the prettiest skirt …

10 Comments on Repeating Favourites

  1. That last anthropologie skirt you posted (stripey one with the mixed-print waistband) was so good that I eBay stalked one for myself! (Haven’t received it yet but I’m excited to get my hands on it.) thanks for the inspiration/enabling! Today’s skirt is lovely, too.

  2. I think the skirt works with the “adulted” top half. If someone just saw you sitting at a desk they’d never know your bottom half is a party. πŸ˜‰

    Depending on the tastes of the book club (hope I can finish in time! My tablet died so I’m reading on my phone), I’m thinking of suggesting “Shades of Grey” (NOT 50. I mean Jasper Fforde!) for next month. It’s been a few years and I’m itching to read it again.

    • Funny you should say that … Shades of Grey was definitely on the short-list for the next book club, as I also would love to re-read it (I’m still waiting for the sequel, 5+ years later, grrr!) BUT! It’s somewhat in the same genre as Good Omens (fantasy), and I thought it would be nice to switch it up a bit. I ended up picking a different book, which I think you guys will love … and I promise to put Shades of Grey on the list for future months.

      But thank you for the suggestion — it def sounds like we’re on the same wavelength here πŸ™‚

      • I am totally with you for Shades of Grey! One of my favourites – and I am also fervently hoping for a sequel. Nice to meet another fan!

  3. That’s a very fair point. πŸ™‚ I actually picked it up and was reading the first chapter last night. After I read it (shortly after its release – I’m a Fforde fan), I gave it to my husband immediately just so I could discuss it with someone (thankfully he enjoys Fforde too).

    I’m assuming you’ve read all the Thursday Next books too, yes? I’m curious to know how you feel about the sequels. The first four I really liked, but I’ve had trouble getting into “First Among Sequels” and I never even finished “One of our Thursdays is Missing”. πŸ™

    • Yes, I loved Thursday Next in the beginning, but my attention wavered. I read all of the books, but I honestly don’t remember much of the plot — it all seemed rather silly and unnecessarily convoluted. The premise was so amazing though!

      I actually loved the Nursery Crimes series, and I actually wish he’d spent more time on those. Have you read them?

  4. It really is an amazing premise! It’s a shame the series seems to have petered out.

    I read the first one, but I wasn’t in a great place emotionally at the time. I think I didn’t like it for reasons that had more to do with my own grumpiness than the actual quality of the book itself. I’d like to read it again.

  5. What color is your beautiful purple nail polish? Is it really purple or is my monitor deceiving me? First time caller, long time listener (lurker). πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Hey there! The polish is purple — a sort of smoky lavender purple. It’s similar to OPI Parlez Vous OPI, except a bit darker and more purple. It’s from Butter London, but the name escapes me at the moment. I will check when I get home.

      Thanks for calling in πŸ™‚

      ETA: the polish is called Scoundrel (Butter London)