Sweater, J. Crew Factory; scarf, Liberty of London; jeans, Paige; boots, Nine West; bag, Longchamp
Sweater, J. Crew Factory; scarf, Liberty of London; jeans, Paige; boots, Nine West; bag, Longchamp

Sometimes, I find the most random things at the thrift store … like this Liberty of London peacock print scarf. I’m not really a “fancy scarf” person, but I couldn’t leave this beauty behind. Having bought it, I decided that I might as well try to make use of it. It really is too pretty not to show off.

earrings, J. Crew Factory
earrings, J. Crew Factory

Since I’m still figuring out this whole scarf thing, I decided to keep the rest of my outfit simple. Well, it doesn’t get much simpler than this. Sweater and jeans, done. A couple of things worth mentioning, though. One, the entire outfit (minus the sweater) is thrifted — bag and boots included. I’m pretty happy with that, especially since all the pieces together cost less than $50.

Two, I haven’t worn flared jeans in close to a decade, so it’s taking me a bit of time to adjust to the silhouette again but … I don’t hate it. These Paige flares were a whopping $5, so I figured it was worth trying out a new-old thing again with practically no downside.

Have you guys tried flares (again)? Or are you die-hard skinny/bootcut jeans fans?

best thrifted bag find
best thrifted bag find
thrifted head to boot
thrifted head to boot

24 Comments on Finding Liberty

  1. This outfit looks amazing–love the peacock shades with your coloring. And the flares look fresh and modern (again!) because hello, skinny jeans … YAWN … and the boyfriend-distressed-cropped thing is not office friendly, whereas you could go anywhere in this outfit.

    • Haha! I know skinny jeans are boring now because of their ubiquitousness, but I have to admit that they’re still my fave style. All other styles just look weird to me … I’m trying to “train” my eye to appreciate other silhouettes as well.

  2. Beautiful outfit and gorgeous blue-greens. I bought a pair of flares this past fall, and I love them. Truth is that I rarely wear them, though, because they’re not practical when it’s damp out. I live in Seattle. It’s been damp almost constantly since I bought them. Wet hems are not stylish, so I must wait for dry days!

    • I know what you mean. I used to visit Vancouver a lot, and the damp … gah! All my husband’s jeans were ruined at the hem (they rip so much more easily if they get repeatedly damp).

  3. I’ll admit…the first time you posted this Longchamp bag, I shared in your excitement for the lucky find but didn’t lust over it. After seeing the repeated classic, simple, sophistication that it brings to your different outfits, I’ve officially changed my mind.

    Major props on the flares. What a knockout!

    • Thanks! I totally understand … it took a while for the bag to truly grow on me too. I think it’s a really different style than what’s popular these days here. Actually, it reminds me of my godmother, who is the epitome of classic French chic to me. Not the fashiony/street style/20-something French chic — bedhead, red lips, jeans with a blazer look. The kind that makes a simple white shirt and tan slacks look elegant and stylish (if that makes sense). Come to think of it, the kind that wears fancy scarves without looking costume-y. Anyway, this bag is a bag I’m convinced she would like. I’m not sure if my style is a good match for it (or vice versa) but I like the idea of growing up one day (LOL) to have some of that (innate) sophistication.

  4. My preference is bootcut, but I’m not opposed to a nice flare. These are definitely a nice flare! I’m loving this whole outfit.

    • Thanks! I used to wear nothing but bootcut, but years of skinny jeans have totally skewed my preferences. My husband calls these “bellbottoms”, which is clearly wrong, so I think skinny jeans have gotten him too šŸ˜‰

  5. Love your simple but cute outfit and that scarf is TDF. I never stopped wearing flares. I’m a tall (5’7″not giant) hourglass and I think flares are the best shape on me. I never got into skinnies though.

    So wish you lived here and you could show me where to buy these amazing thrift stuff you always find. I;m sure Ottawa has a buncha places too but I don’t know them šŸ™

    • I totally get the balancing out aspect (I’m also 5’7 and pear-ish hourglass), but my eyes tell me that skinny jeans look better on me. I must be in denial, LOL!

      I would love to go thrifting in Ottawa – sadly, the last couple of times I was there, I never got the chance šŸ™ Hopefully next time … and, hey, if you’re ever in Edmonton, just give me a shout.

  6. not specific to today’s post, but I just wanted to say I love your blog! I’ve been reading it for a while now and think your style is unique, relatable, work-appropriate, fashionable and achieveable! plus, you’ve inspired me to wear more florals. keep it up!!

  7. Interesting how the silhouette with the flares looks fresh and new after so many skinny jeans! But the trend can’t go away – I love skinny jeans in tall boots for the winter and I’m tentatively trying out the skinny jeans and ankle boots look. But that’s my usual luck – I’m such a late adopter of trends that by the time I’ve embraced the look, the world has moved on to something else.

  8. What a simple, yet oh so chic outfit! I love the colors too. Will have to remember to try black and green next time.

    I’ve always liked a slight flare or bootleg jeans to give me a bit of proportion. My legs are too scrawny to look good in skinny jeans šŸ˜Ÿ

    • Thanks! The colours in the scarf lean more towards teal, which I find more flattering for me than straight green for some reason. I do love pairing black and green, all shades of it.

      I live in skinny jeans (to the extent that I wear jeans at all) but I honestly don’t even know if I look good, per se, in them. I’m just used to how they look, so I assume they look fine, LOL! I know that some people are of the opinion that NO ONE looks good in skinny jeans. I say we wear whatever we like šŸ™‚

  9. I’m de-lurking to say I really like this outfit, as with so many of your other ones. I also admire how you look so polished in all your pictures–hair especially! How do you style your hair? I love all the different cuts & styles is seen on you over the years. I just finally had to ask because I always love how your hair complements your outfits. I’m a part-time working mom with a 3-year old and although I dress pretty ok and do light makeup daily, I really struggle with time/methods for styling my hair. Thanks for the continued style inspiration!

    • Thanks so much for the kind words! I am really terrible at doing hair, so I keep things simple. I basically wear it either down or in a ponytail, and I have three hair modes: straight, straight with ends curled, and wavy. I have three hair tools I use for each of those modes: a straightener, a regular round barrel curling iron, and a curling wand. To be honest, I use my straightener and my (oval barrel) wand the most. The curling iron is either not as good of a tool/brand, or my hair just doesn’t take to it, because I can get a better hold from my straightener if I want to curl my ends.

      I also don’t wash my hair every day, which really cuts down on my styling time. I usually only curl/straighten it every 3 or 4th day (with at least one ponytail day thrown in there, LOL!).

      I wish I had some magical tips, but sadly I don’t šŸ™

      • Thanks for taking the time to describe this! Actually I think this is helping me crack the code… I think I’m washing my hair too much!

        • It really depends on your hair type. Mine does not get greasy until 3-4 days in. It’s usually very dry. I know other people can’t go more than a day without washing. I do think that it’s easier to style hair that is not freshly washed — I usually wash it at night, let it airdry overnight,then style in the morning.

  10. Love the look!
    I cannot stray from my skinnies, being a smallish, short person. But, you look great! I can see this would be a great outfit with skinny jeans also, and different footwear. Lovely!