Jacket & skirt, Anthropologie; shoes, Ferragamo; bag, Marc Jacobs
Jacket & skirt, Anthropologie; shoes, Ferragamo; bag, Marc Jacobs

Technically, both the jacket and skirt are old Anthro pieces (circa 2010, I think) but the former has been in my closet for years and the latter is new-to-me thanks to VV. They go quite well together, no? If it hasn’t become painfully obvious already, I’m having something of a renewed love affair with Anthropologie, especially its older styles. I’ve been increasingly drawn to the more unique details (like the hidden sequins in this skirt, or the architectural ruffles of the jacket) and the whimsy of pieces like these. I’m not sure what that says about my current frame of mind (midlife crisis, part deux?) or what it means for the direction of my style, but I’ve decided to go with the flow — the heart wanting what it wants, etc. — and not over-analyze it. Say quoi?? I know, that doesn’t sound like me at all. It must be love. Anyone else experimenting with some new (or old) styles?

Red + grey
Red + grey

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  1. My work computer blocked blog commenting, but I’m still here and reading!! (Enjoying a morning at home right now) I walk past an Anthro daily, and I’m starting to like more of their current offerings too. Maybe it’s a sign that uber minimalism has come and gone? Hopefully, because I hate gray!

    • Boo, and yay. Happy to hear that 🙂

      It’s funny … I rarely get to go to Anthro in person (the store is in a crazy busy mall far away from my house) so I tend to hunt for older pieces almost exclusively on eBay (and whatever pops up in thrift stores). I have no idea what they’re selling these days. I do wish I could hunt their sales rack more regularly.

      I don’t mind a bit of minimalism (aesthetically), but I can’t commit 24/7 — I love my florals and prints and colours too much.

  2. aaaaaa love that jacket! I love some ruffles on my tops and jacket but being busty I can never pull them off. This one looks beautiful though and workable for all chest sizes

    • Honestly, I’m not really sure about that. I remember finding the ruffles a lot more unwieldy/overpowering a few years back (before my chest, um, diminished). It’s quite a thick material (boiled wool) so the ruffles are pretty stiff, and they do stand out quite a bit. I still love the jacket, but I thought I should mention it in case anyone is thinking about hunting it down on eBay. So that’s my caveat.

      (Oh, and one more: the jacket is lined, so the wool doesn’t bother me anywhere except right around the neck where I find it quite scratchy. I’ve gotten used to it over the years, but I know it bugged me quite a bit in the beginning.)

    • Whaaaat? No way … do they really? These ones are heels, which I think helps. I do love their flats but I find they can skew a little conservative depending on the outfit.

  3. Love the red Ferragamos.

    Also, do you have disabling comments on older posts? There’s a thrifting post I’d love to comment on!

    • Yes, I think it’s an automatic setting on WordPress. I have a thrifting post coming up next week, so that might work — but feel free to leave a comment anywhere (unless it’s really specific to that one post).