Dress, Boden; blazer, Zara; shoes, Ivanka Trump; bag, Marc Jacobs
Dress, Boden; blazer, Zara; shoes, Ivanka Trump; bag, Marc Jacobs

I was all set to purge this dress from my closet last year, but then I had second thoughts — as I am wont to do — and decided to keep it … just in case. Well, my instinct has paid off; this Zara peplum blazer I got from the last clothing swap is its perfect mate. I loved this outfit, and I can see it having a long and happy future.

vintage necklace
vintage necklace

The print of the dress is almost too busy for accessories, but I added this vintage pendant at the last minute, and I’m glad I did. It kinda goes with the print, doesn’t it? Since the pendant was a travel souvenir, I always enjoy the opportunity to wear, and reminisce briefly. Anyone else do that?

Finally, and completely unrelated, a rant: why is it almost impossible to find a decent pair of navy pumps? I’ve been looking for over a year, and no luck. I just don’t understand. Navy pumps and dress pants that fit are my shopping unicorns, it seems.

peplum from the side
peplum from the side
red + navy
lady in red … and navy

10 Comments on No Fooling

  1. Cute outfit! As for navy accessories, I’m sure it will happen. Navy is coming back in a way I haven’t seen since the 1980s.

    Ferragamo is one of the few shoe brands that never stopped producing navy … unfortunately, it’s only in patent leather, which has never been my favorite. But I expect more shoe makers to catch on to the trend soon.

    • I don’t patent leather at all, but I haven’t seen even that in stores. Brand new Ferragamos are way outside the price range I’m aiming for, but I should have a look for vintage ones on eBay (thanks for the reminder). The only problem is that I have gigantic feet, and it’s hard to find vintage Ferragamos in my size :/

      I’ll have to keep looking and waiting …

      • These are not high fashion but Payless makes a couple of styles of pumps that have a cult following. One is the Karmen pump 9check out user ratings) and the other is this Joyce one. They don’t seem to have Karmen in non-patent navy but do have the Joyce in a mixed media navy. I have the Karmen in matte navy and they are one of the most comfortable heels I own. They also still look brand new.

        The other pair of navy pumps I own are these SW ones – they were in every Marshalls/TJ Maxx a few years ago and you can still find pre-owned ones on Ebay in various sizes. Mine have held up very well for over 7 years now. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Stuart-Weitzman-New-Suede-Navy-Pump-New-without-box-10B-/231898132856?hash=item35fe34b178:g:bUgAAOSwQgpW~dMk

        • Ooh, thanks for the tip about SW … I love his shoes, one of my fave brands. I’ll have to keep my eye out on eBay (and hope for a seller that ships to Canada :()

  2. I love this–good job keeping that dress!

    What size is the blazer? I’m thinking of ordering a Zara one on Tradesy, but not sure on size. Thanks!

    • Sorry for the delayed response … I’ve been meaning to check, and completely forgot. I think it’s a Size Small, but I’ll have a look tonight. Very sorry again!

  3. Maybe it’s just a case that navy is such a classic colour that no one ever consigns their pumps? Unless they were purchased 35+ years ago and look it. I ended up getting. I know they’re starting to show up in stores again, it’ll just be a matter of waiting and seeing if they make it into the sales 🙁

    • I have no idea — it’s a mystery. What do people wear with their navy clothes? I guess black technically works, but I hate to wear all navy, and then black shoes. To me, it looks like a mistake (like, it was dark and you didn’t realize the shoes were the wrong color). I’m old-fashioned when it comes to navy-black pairings, LOL!

  4. I love this! And I really like how the necklace works with the dress and shoes. Navy shoes would look good, but this keeps it interesting…