Jacket, BCBG (thrifted); pants, Aritzia (thrifted); shoes, Stuart Weitzman (thrifted); belt, H&M
Jacket, BCBG (thrifted); pants, Aritzia (thrifted); shoes, Stuart Weitzman (thrifted); belt, H&M

One of the fun things about thrifting is finding older pieces you remember admiring in retail stores in years past. I distinctly remember this kimono-inspired BCBG jacket; I want to say it was circa 2009, but my memory for dates is getting increasingly unreliable (surely, that wasn’t 7 years ago?!). If I pulled out one of my old fashion scrapbooks — yep, I’m old enough to have Pinterest-ed the caveman way — I bet I would find a picture of it. It was part of a collection I lusted over at the time, but which was most definitely out of my budget. Thrift is the great equalizer, I guess.

pretty (in) pink
pretty (in) pink
side view
belt it up

For a jacket that is relatively old, this piece was in fantastic, like-new shape when I found it. I kept the outfit simple, and added a belt to cinch in the waist since the jacket is a bit loose on me. I was well please with the result, which felt polished but laid-back at the same time. What do you think?

pyjama chic?
pyjama chic?

15 Comments on Kimono Inspired

  1. I like it! It looks like those pyjama tops that are on trend (or have been recently, I’m so rubbish with trends that I’m always a few seasons behind, ha ha!) but not really obviously if that makes sense. It’s a jacket / top with many personalities if you will.

  2. What an exciting find, Adina! I have definitely seen items while thrifting that I recall from the past, but regrettably, haven’t yet found one that I actually had wanted!

    Belting the jacket was “just the ticket”: looks fantastic.

    Enjoying your blog,

  3. Love the jacket! Interestingly enough, I’ve noticed a lot of kimono-inspired clothes around this year too – generally in the sleeves and the cut. Everything comes back around!

    • I think it’s a pretty timeless look overall, although you’re right about trends. It’s one of the reasons I gave up trying to keep up with them. Like a broken clock, I’m bound to be right (or “on trend”) every so often even if I do nothing 🙂

  4. Looks fab!
    I love that someone else has fashion scrapbooks – such a good way to work out one’s personal style. Plus, it didn’t suggest things like Pinterest (i’m not actually a hater!) does.

    • I used to love them! I haven’t kept one in years because (a) time and (b) I don’t really buy fashion magazines anymore. Occasionally I get the itch, but I’d rather stick to thrifting as a way to get my “aspirational” style kick, LOL!