Blazer, H&M (thrifted); blouse, Equipment (thrifted); skirt, J. Crew (via consignment); bag, Chanel
Blazer, H&M (thrifted); blouse, Equipment (thrifted); skirt, J. Crew (via consignment); bag, Chanel

I rarely wear pink, but when I do, I am always reminded of Molly Ringwald. Which should be a point in favour of wearing pink more often because I love me some 80s teen flicks. My favourite is Some Kind of Wonderful, which doesn’t get nearly enough respect in my opinion. Speaking of favourites, my favourite Molly Ringwald-in-pink moment actually occurs in The Breakfast Club rather than Pretty in Pink; to be honest, I’m still kinda mad she cut up a perfectly lovely vintage dress to create that terrible 80s prom atrocity at the end. Also, I kinda hate Blaine.


My outfit here is rather boring, in the best way. Blazer, blouse, pencil skirt, boom. Who says adulting is hard?

Let’s go back to talking 80s teen flicks: which one is your favourite? Do you agree that Blaine is kinda the worst?

pink + burgundy
pink + burgundy
easy peasy outfit
easy peasy outfit

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  1. I think we all have an associate like Blaine, acts like our friend but is just waiting to stab us in the back Didn’t like him at all. Actually loved Annie Potts in the movie, such a different character for her to play. Complete opposite of her character in Designing Women.

  2. I love the blush and burgundy combination – it’s very unexpected and sophisticated. I will have to replicate with the contents of my own closet.

    I’m not a huge teen movie fan but I have seen Breakfast Club and I seem to recall enjoying Can’t Buy Me Love. My all-time favourite teen movie, however, is Clueless!

    • Does not count here … Clueless was 90s! But yes, it was also my favourite from that era. Although when you stop to think about it, Cher and Josh’s relationship is a bit skeevy too. But I never stop to think about it because, OMG, Paul Rudd! *swoon*

  3. Blaine is boring, but, honestly, Jake Ryan is the WORST. How he treats Caroline in Sixteen Candles is downright creepy.

    • YES! In retrospect, it amazes me that people (myself included when I was younger) just gloss right over that part. But I will confess that, after Eric Stoltz, the dude that played Jake Ryan was totally my 80s teen flick crush. I think he was also in Mermaids, again playing a proto-Jordan Catalano type AKA terrible boyfriend material (my memory is a bit foggy to be fair, but I seem to recall thinking that Winona Ryder should just forget about him, sigh).

  4. Yeah Blaine was not my idea of a hero. And Annie Potts was so awesome! I totally wanted to be her over Molly Ringwald. In the book Molly ends up with Duckie, which makes so much more sense.
    I never wear red and pink, but I think it works best when there is a lot of contrast, such as blush/red or burgundy as above,

    • I had no idea there was a book! But, yeah, that makes so much more sense. And it’s what happens in Some Kind of Wonderful (which is basically Pretty in Pink with the genders reversed). I also think I have a hate-on for Andrew McCarthy, which followed through to other movies, like St. Elmo’s Fire.

  5. Loving the blazer!

    If I’m being honest, high school me would have been into Blaine – that computer trick in the library, alone!

    More importantly, James Spader as Steff crushed it sartorially in that movie.

  6. Andrew McCarthy does crazy eyes in all of his movies. I can’t concentrate on the story because of it. Watch again, and you’ll end up counting how many times they go wide and roll-y!

    I think Sixteen Candles is my favorite. Now, there was a crush-worthy guy.

    • I know what you mean about AM’s eyes. I think I just find him kinda … weaselly. He reminds me in that way (not looks-wise) of Bradley Cooper. I just can’t with either of them (apologies to BCoop lovers out there!)

  7. Some Kind of Wonderful is everything. Eric Stolte forever. And I basically was Mary Stuart Masterson in high school.