Blazer, Cartonnier (thrifted); dress, Dex (thrifted); shoes, Zara; bag, Coach (via eBay); sunglasses, Quay
Blazer, Cartonnier (thrifted); dress, Dex (thrifted); shoes, Zara; bag, Coach (via eBay); sunglasses, Quay

The last time I wore this dress, I was in Mexico. Sadly, this time, the beach was nowhere to be seen, although it was at least a sunny spring day — a rare commodity in Edmonton this year. I love how comfy this dress is — with the chiffon layer conveniently camouflaging one’s mid-section — which is why I’ve kept it in my closet for the summer rather than relegating it to my vacation capsule. It’s perfect for a Sunday when I want to be lazy, but I also have to go in to the office for a few hours of work. Whomp, whomp.

dreaming of the beach ...
dreaming of the beach …
nope, not there either
nope, not there either

The topper is a different colorway of my fave Cartonnier Dashes blazer. I picked it for this outfit because it’s very soft and stretchy, and therefore appropriately comfortable for the occasion, and right on the line between casual and business-casual, and therefore appropriate for a working Sunday. It also happens to go with the dress, which is a small miracle; I have found this colorway to be super non-versatile for my closet. So my advice to anyone still hunting for this blazer on eBay: buy the dark grey/heathered black version instead. There are also two additional colorways (purple and a teal-ish blue), but I can’t speak to their versatility yet; I may have to hunt them down yet (I’m thinking the purple in particular) just so I can provide you a complete report. In the interests of science or something. Ahem.

at least spring is here, right?
at least spring is here, right?

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  1. Adina, what size are you wearing in the Cartonnier blazers? Are they true to size? I’ve never had one before and wondering what size to get. Thanks!

    • I wear the small and find it the most comfortable. I also thrifted an extra-small, and while it fits better in the waist, I find it a bit tight in the shoulders and arms. I typically wear a 4-6 in blazers, so I would say that it’s TTS.

        • How hourglassy are you? If very, then I would not necessarily size up to a medium because it will be bulkier around the middle (unless the petite sizing also affects those measurements, not sure?!). The knit material of these blazers is on the thicker side anyway, so extra fabric around the middle definitely adds visual bulk. But if you’re more ruler-shape, then it might not matter as much.
          Tough call though … I hope whatever you end up deciding works!!

  2. SO appreciate your dedication to science, solely on behalf of your readers, Dear Adina!! šŸ˜‰

    Your faithful reader

  3. I thrifted this same blazer and while it’s not THE most versatile blazer in my wardrobe, it goes with a lot more than I thought it would (granted, my color palette is pretty different from yours!). I love the marled pattern and that it’s actually kind of a muted red and light blue up close but gives off a “pink” vibe. I just so happened to wear it today and will show the outfit tomorrow if you’re interested šŸ˜‰
    Thanks for all the info on other colorways – I knew about your darker grey one but now am tempted to go looking for the others…

  4. Would you comment please on your choice of hosiery – brand and colour. It always looks good and not matronly.

    • My fave brand is Calvin Klein – the sheer ones with sandalfoot. I take size 3, colour 2 which is the combination I find most comfortable and best suited to my skin tone. I do sometimes buy the size 2; I buy my nylons at Winners (TJ Maxx) and sometimes my preferred size is not in stock when I need it. Technically, the size 2 fits, but I find it more constricting than the 3. (For reference, I am usually a size 4-6 in most brands, and am 5`7 with short-ish legs.)

      Other brands I have tried and liked (though not as much as the CK) are Hue and Donna Karan. I ALWAYS buy my nylons at Winners, as I mentioned, because the prices cannot be beat. My CKs cost under $10 a pair, and last anywhere from 1-3 months, depending on how careless (or not) I am. For what it`s worth, I throw them in the washing machine with the rest of my laundry, and then air dry them.

  5. Perfect business casual outfit!
    The dress is just too beautiful to wait for summer. And the colour of the blazer looks so great on you!