Blazer, CarlaG (thrifted); top, Vanessa Virginia (thrifted); pants, BR (thrifted); shoes, Sam Edelman (thrifted)
Blazer, CarlaG (thrifted); top, Vanessa Virginia (thrifted); pants, BR (thrifted); shoes, Sam Edelman (thrifted)

This is pretty standard fare, but it’s always pleasing when new(ish) pieces come together so nicely. This floral blouse has a fairly relaxed/casual vibe, but it can be dressed up easily with a tailored topper. And this CarlaG blazer is tailored, alright. I would love to have it in a few other colours, but I have had zero luck tracking it down on eBay. Bah!

earrings, House of Harlow
earrings, House of Harlow

Can we talk about my hair for a moment? It’s looking rather tragic in some of these photos, which I can partially blame on the wind … and partially not. I haven’t had a haircut in ages, and the ostensible reason was because I’m trying to grow out my hair, but the reality makes me think I need to reconsider this plan. Though I’m certainly not growing out a pixie this time, the process hasn’t been as straightforward as I had hoped. I think it’s because I had layers cut into the back, and they are growing out a tad funny. Should I stick with it? The goal was to get to a long bob (aka “lob”). Or should I just cut it short again and be done with it? Decisions, decisions.

what's happening on my head??
what’s happening on my head??
ah, wind. my eternal enemy
ah, wind. my eternal enemy

15 Comments on Blushing Florals

  1. You can do both: grow it out and get a trim. I used to avoid going to the hairdresser when growing out my hair too. But a little trim to clean things up and reshape as you slowly grow it out makes it less painful.

    Life love the blush blazer + florals!

    • I am definitely due for a trim. I was getting lazy and telling myself that it was okay to just let it grow, but I recently realized precisely what you pointed out — I need a bit of shaping up.

  2. I’ve had this cut as well, and found that cleaning up the back and near the ears, while allowing the front and top pieces to grow out can ease the transition. Love the cut on you!

  3. I love your hair and did prefer the longer look on you, but this shaggy textured thing is working. Especially with the tailored clothes, a contrast. Try a textured lob. Get it shaped esp in the back and grow it out in stages. It’s super cute!

    • Yes, I think my longer hair worked well with my style from 2015 or so, but this cut probably works better with my current style. I would like it to be a bit longer so I can (a) pull it back in a ponytail; and (b) do some waves. I miss the wavy hair option …

  4. My suggestion… Trim up the front layers and go short-short in the back… reevaluate at the end of summer.

    • The only thing with going short-short in the back is that I can’t pull my hair back in a pony then. I miss that option now that the weather is warming up.

  5. I second Joy’s comment! Tell your hairdresser that you are trying to grow your hair out and she will trim accordingly. Boom! no more wonky layers at the back!

  6. I prefer your short hair but it’s your hair and you do want you want with it! I agree with Joy, it actually helps to get a good trim to help with growing your hair out.

  7. I’m in a similar situation. I had my bangs trimmed but the rest is getting kind of scraggly. I also hate how short my layers are in the back and miss ponytails even though they’ve always been my style rut. I’m dreaming of Jane Birkin hair from the early 70s, we’ll see how long that lasts. My hair is quite coarse and heavy so I rarely grow it past my shoulders.

  8. I love the cut you have, and think this stage works well with the more streamlined clothes as well…I’m in the same boat, I always chop to something cute then end up re-growing 🙂

    PS I just thrift-scored a fabric Kate Spade bag today, and cleaning advice? Just needs an overall freshen up.

    Love the blog, thanks! As a professional woman and almost-exclusive thrift shopper, you provide great inspiration! And going through the same style evolution as you, so extra appreciative of you posts.

    • I am so sorry, I have no experience with cleaning fabric bags 🙁 I’ve heard that some people put their Longchamp fabric bags in the washing machine, but I’ve always been too chicken to try it. If you have a steamer, I might try that if there are no massive stains to worry about.

      • I spot clean fabrics with “buncha farmers” soap. It is often sold in baby boutiques. Wet it, rub it into the marks and then either rinse in the sink if you can or you can use a wet cloth if you don’t think the bag can get wet.