Love, love, love

I think I may have found the perfect bikini.

Actually, now is a good time to shop for bathing suits if you’re looking for something affordable. H&M has bikinis starting at $5 for mix ‘n match tops and bottoms. The Gap, where I found my bikini, has them on sale for less than $20 (top and bottom) – and I think I also spotted some one piece bathing suits in the clearance section as well. Don’t let the current weather deter you – the sun will eventually come out again! 
And what better way to celebrate than with polka dots.

Criminal minds

I’m a bit of a stalker. Hold the 911 call … I’m talking about my shopping strategy. My “stalking” consists of waiting for things I love to go on sale. One time, I went to Winners almost every week for 2 months, waiting for a Valentino jacket to go on clearance. It finally did … and someone else snapped it up literally before my eyes. I’m still very bitter about that. 
Moving on …
At the moment, my stalking activities are rather limited. It’s a sad state of affairs for a shopaholic, but there just aren’t many things out there right now that I’m crazy about. There is a pair of taupe patent leather Stuart Weitzman flats at Mayfair Shoes that I have my eye on, but they are currently only 25% off and still over $200. So they’re on a back-burner. Mayfair Shoes only has one big “worth it” sale each year, and I think it’s still a few months away. In the meantime, my primary target is a light aqua blue trench at Club Monaco. I saw it about a month ago, but the price tag made it a no-go: $199. It’s 100% polyester, and the colour (while lovely) is not particularly practical, so the price is a bit much. It was recently marked down to $139 (and most recently $129), which is still … not worth it. At this point, I’m not sure how much more it would need to be marked down before I’d take the plunge; it feels like this trench has been playing “hard to get” with me for way too long, and I’m starting to lose interest. As it happens, I had a CM gift card that I was planning to use towards the trench, but I finally gave up the other day. This is what I ended up buying instead:

My thinking was that, in the long run, this will be more useful. For a start, it’s an outfit in itself. It’s 100% silk. I can wear it in the summer as well as winter (with tights). You can’t go wrong with black and white, which always makes a nice canvass for accessories and a statement all by itself. It’s an interesting shape – the little fold in the fabric at the shoulders gives it a nice (pointy) touch.
And it has pockets! I love pockets. There aren’t nearly enough dresses with pockets out there.

Extreme branding

File under “questionable marketing strategies” …

Urban Outfitters got into some hot water recently over a t-shirt advertised on its website. The slogan printed on the said t-shirt was “Eat Less”. Yeah … you wouldn’t think it would take a genius to see where this was headed. Anyway, Urban Outfitters has since pulled the t-shirt after receiving a bunch of (very) negative feedback. I can report, based on the picture I saw of the clothing in question, that it was an uninspiring looking, hip-length plain gray tee. To put it bluntly, it was pretty ugly. But I am sure that people were not incensed by its questionable aesthetic value; it was the message that came back to bite Urban Outfitters in the butt.

My own first reaction was, literally, a gasp. After a while, having read other people’s comments on the situation, I decided that I was not offended by the slogan, as much as perplexed. Who thought this was a good idea? Ironic or otherwise, I don’t really get the point of it. Who’s going to wear a t-shirt that says “Eat Less”? Skinny people with, ahem, issues? Skinny people who like to get lambasted for their insensitivity? Not-so-skinny people with low self esteem? People who like to offend other people? [I ask that last question because, judging by the backlash, there are clearly people out there who are offended by it. And I don’t necessarily think that they’re overreacting.]

I get trying to be edgy. But I just don’t understand the thinking behind this.

On further thought, I wonder if this was some sort of allusion to Kate Moss’ comment to the effect that “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. I know that comment also sparked a lot of animated debate, and this seems like it’s trying to be the Coles’ Notes version of it or something. [And, for the record, I would give Moss the benefit of the doubt in regards to her comment being tongue firmly in cheek.]

Finally, I would add that “Eat Less” is a rather ambiguous slogan. Eat less what? That is a crucial piece of information. See, if you’re talking pureed spinach, for example, I could get behind that. Or, say, haggis. On the other hand, if you’re talking Timbits, you talkin’ crazy. Nothing tastes better than Timbits first thing in the morning. Nothing. Except a can of diet Coke. Kate Moss is woefully uninformed.

On second thought … you should eat less Timbits. Especially sour cream glazed ones. I hate it when they run out.