The social calendar

After a month of post-wedding hibernation, life is starting to get busy again. In addition to a plethora of end-of-summer work events and an upcoming trip to Vancouver, I’m excited to check out the 29th Fringe Theatre Festival (Aug 12-22). If you have recommendations or reviews you would like to share, send them this way. I love comedies, but I’m game for anything smart and interesting.

I am also really pumped about the Style Guy Wednesday launch party at Lit Wine Bar next week, August 18. As I suspected, there is a fashion scene in Edmonton — and you will now be able to get a taste of it every Wednesday night, thanks to Style Guy. Wardrobe and image consultant, personal shopper, style blogger — SG does it (and knows it) all. And he just happens to be a nice guy too. If you want to see some cool stuff, learn some tips, get answers to all your style questions, or just meet some fellow fashionable people, you should check out Style Guy Wednesdays at Lit Wine Bar. And if you want to get a flavour of what you might expect, check out Style Guy’s blog here. The festivities start this Wednesday at 8 p.m. — maybe I will see you there.

Friday wrap up

This week’s outfit is all about timeless favourites:
Dress, Diane von Furstenberg; shoes, Stuart Weitzman.
There is a reason why Diane von Furstenberg is a fashion design legend, and that reason is the wrap dress. Truly, a more comfortable item of women’s clothing probably doesn’t exist, especially when it’s made out of silk jersey – and it flatters pretty much every body type. [Even bustier gals can wear a wrap dress by adding a camisole or tank underneath if there’s too much gaping at the front. Or employing double-stick ‘fashion’ tape, which I have been known to do.] This dress is a good example; it’s actually my mother’s dress. My mother and I are at least 2 dress sizes apart, yet the dress is equally flattering (and well-fitting) on both of us. It’s also pretty timeless, which makes mother-to-daughter exchanges possible. Some of the DVF prints can be a little wild, but this one is very versatile and could easily be accessorized, for example, with any number of shoe choices. I’ve paired this dress with red pumps before, for a kick of colour, but I decided to go for a more neutral shoe this time.
These flats are probably one of the best “investments” in footwear that I’ve ever made. It may sound like I’m merely rationalizing their (admittedly high) cost, but I’m not and here is why. A pointed-toe flat is a dressier version of the classic round-toe ballet flat; combined with a slightly elevated heel, it’s a comfortable-yet-elegant office-appropriate choice. The beige colour is the perfect neutral for pale skin tones – and a neutral shoe is a wardrobe “must”. It’s versatile like black and, additionally, creates a flattering elongating effect on legs. This is particularly useful in a flat, which doesn’t offer the usual lengthening effect of heels. For an office-dweller, shoes like these are, therefore, a classic staple you will wear, again and again, season-in and season-out. If you’re interested in a more affordable version, keep an eye out for similar ones at Nine West.


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