View from the top

I hate being short. Well, not short exactly … just not tall. It’s one of the sorrows of my life that I was not endowed with an extra 2 or 3 inches, height-wise. It’s very simple: all I want is to be 5’9. Instead, I hover around the 5’7 mark, on a tall day. With 2 extra inches of leg, I could have conquered the world. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.
As it happens, I’m friends with a couple of stunning Amazons; I always feel like a midget when I walk beside them. [As an aside, I consider it a compliment when I point this out to them, although sometimes I think it makes them uncomfortable. I’m just jealous, ladies. Honest.] So, my new ambition is to find a way to turn the tables on them … somehow.
I think I may have just found it.

As luck would have it, Holt Renfrew has a sale on right now. [Currently @ 70% off — you should check it out.] Michael Kors sang to me – the siren song of skyscraper heels, irresistible to us shorties. At $60, it was not long before I found myself heading straight into the dangerous shoals of, um, the cash register. The shoes are surprisingly comfortable, considering the 5′ heel (the platform really helps), and they make me look like I’m wearing the cutest stilts ever. OK, maybe not quite — but the effect is the same.
And I checked – I’m finally eye-level with my Amazons … as long as they wear flats.

Friday wrap-up

The Monday-to-Friday grind never ends. Might as well have fun with your clothes.

Camisole, Jacob Connection; jacket, Diane von Furstenberg;
skirt, winners; shoes, Michael Kors; necklace, Banana Republic.

Another attempt at the blousy tucked-in look. I’m on a roll! This below-the-knee skirt length can be tricky, but I love the overall silhouette when it works out. Very 1940s-inspired. Sky-high heels help, as does a short-waisted/cropped jacket (it balances the extra length at the bottom, so you don’t end up looking like you’re wearing a taller person’s clothes). And I decided to try mixing my patterns! The skirt is a subtle plaid, and the top is vaguely floral — and I think they work. Thanks InStyle!

The finishing touch:

A little bit odd, a little bit girly. Come to think of it, that could be my style epitaph, no?

The fashion huddle

Occasionally, my friends have sought my opinion on matters of style, knowing that, though not any kind of expert in such matters, I am always interested. I like to think that my opinion has been, at least on occasion, useful. And, if not useful, then at least entertaining. When I recently helped a dear friend with a sartorial question, I decided that it might be equally useful and/or entertaining for the readers of this blog to partake of the “fashion huddle”. Thus – an “agony aunt” column is born.
To start things off, here is the question that my friend had. I’m paraphrasing our phone conversation, which went something like this:
“I’m going to a stagette on the weekend, and I need to figure out what to wear. It’s not just any old stagette. It has a cowgirl theme. A sexy cowgirl theme. Yeah, I have no idea how people come up with these themes either. So, what do I wear? I liked what I wore to your stagette, but how can I make it work with the theme of this one?”
To refresh your memory, here is the dress she had in mind:

Let me begin by saying that my friend is not really the cowgirl type – and her closet reflects that. Given what I knew she had to work with, I think the dress was a good starting point. Although it’s not easily discernible from the picture, the dress has detailing around the neckline that gives it a “prairie” vibe — close enough to “cowgirl” for her purposes. Belted, it’s a very flattering look on my friend. I suggested switching up the belt and shoes for a more on-theme look. My pick: a brown, braided belt, along with brown open-toe shoes (a wedge would be fantastic). For the finishing touch, I recommended turquoise accents; set in silver, turquoise has that Santa Fe feel, which might pass for dressed-up cowgirl. I like doubling-up on accessories, although never in close proximity. So, in this case, I would go with either some turquoise earrings and a bracelet, or a turquoise necklace and a chunky ring. [I wouldn’t do earrings/necklace, or bracelet/ring because it’s a much trickier look to pull off. If the accessories are not in the right proportion to each other and/or the same colour, then it throws everything off.]
Navy and brown pair well together, and paired with turquoise they hint at “cowgirl” without beating one over the head with it. White would also be a good colour for this type of theme. As an aside, I did not recommend cowboy (girl) boots for my friend because, though undoubtedly suitable, they’re an investment that would not pay off for her – it’s not like she’s going to wear them regularly. Buying new accessories, like a belt, is a much more cost-effective way to deal with “special occasion” style dilemmas. 

The inspiration board

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