And the votes are in

Looks like navy has a lot of fans. In the battle of the stagette party outfits, it won by a virtual landslide. My girl took it all under advisement, and ultimately went with … drum roll, please … the navy. The popular vote could not be denied.
 Good thing too … she looked smashing!!


I haven’t checked out McSweeney’s in a long time, but they used to have (and still do?) a feature called “The Convergences Contest”, the substance of which was drawing connections between seemingly unrelated artworks, events and phenomena. The entries were really, really … neat, for lack of a better word.

I had my own, less high-brow “convergence” moment last weekend in my friend’s back yard.Their irises were in full bloom and ever so lovely:

I could not resist a close-up …

… which made me think of this:


Lovely indeed. 

How to blow one’s budget in one easy step

I must confess that I was a little bit naughty last week. See, Mayfair Shoes had a wee “2 for 1” sale and it proved to be that extra little push I needed to succumb to my desire for the pair of Stuart Weitzman flats I’d been drooling over for a while. Here they are, my lovelies:

So far, my lovelies have given me a lovely blister on my ankle, but beauty is pain and all that blah, blah, blah. I still adore them. I guess I’m a fool for love.