Jacket, Tommy Hilfiger; dress, Earth, Music, Ecology; shoes, Gap Outler
Jacket, Tommy Hilfiger; dress, Earth, Music, Ecology; shoes, Gap Outlet

This outfit couldn’t get any more basic: a dress, a denim jacket, sandals. But there is beauty in that simplicity, or at least some kind of style kismet. Eyelet and denim; red, white, and blue. Classic.


This dress is just the cutest thing, and if it’s a little bit young – well, we’re all allowed to be young at heart, especially in the summer. I love that it looks so much like separates, but is an outfit-in-one. I like it so much that I’m even willing to overlook the fact that it’s 90% cream coloured, which is normally bad news bears in our neck of the toddler-inhabited woods. So far, I’ve managed to keep the sticky hands away. #success

fiddling ...
fiddling …
still fiddling ...
still fiddling …

I hate taking pictures in bright sunlight, but needs must – and it feels a little ungracious to complain about nice weather. So … I hope you’ll forget my squint-avoidance subterfuges. Look, I managed one decent photo! #success


5 Comments on Basic, Simple, or Classic?

  1. Squinters unite!

    It may be considered a basic outfit, but I think it pulls the details together nicely. I especially like the dress/sandals combo. Liking the new backdrop too 😉

  2. The dress is really cute – I love the eyelet and stripes combo. It looks like the type of dress you can dress up or dress down as needed. The outfit is great!