Month: March 2014

Mustard + Khaki

What I Wore: Erranding

Boden leaf print dress
Dress, Boden (via eBay); cardigan, J. Crew Factory; bag, Target

Was there ever a less appealing title? Sorry about that, peeps. I think the outfit is a lot better than the title suggests, but that’s because I’m all about the basic print-dress-plus-cardigan combo. Also, Boden jersey dresses. So easy, so comfortable. If I didn’t constantly restrain myself on eBay, I would probably have three dozen of them in my closet. Hoarding problem? Bah!

I also wore this dress like this before, and forgot to show you:


And there was this too:


Basically, I’ve worn this dress a lot this year, because it’s easy and because I’m lazy.

With Apologies …

What I Wore: On a Less-Than-Glamorous Morning

blue collar red lipstick, what i wore
Jeans, RACHEL Rachel Roy; top, J. Crew Factory; field jacket, Old Navy; headband, Winners; bag, MbMJ (via eBay)


… to Bryce Dallas Howard, but I simply must tell you that this – this! – was the outfit I was wearing when someone asked me if I’d “ever been told you look like a famous actress?” My exact answer was “um.” Or rather “ummmm … ??” It may not be evident from this photo (or as evident as I assure you it was in person), but I was particularly bleary-eyed and frazzled that morning. So that oh-so-articulate “um”, though less than ideally gracious, was actually kind of appropriate. Anyway, this goes to show that feeling (that you look) good is 2/3 mind game.

Moving on. I love this outfit. It’s my version of “minimalist”, and I’m pretty proud of myself for not adding any a) florals, b) extraneous colours, or c) sparkle to it. Wait, scratch that last bit. I couldn’t resist. My favourite piece (apart from the field jacket, natch) is the striped top – a $10 clearance rack find at J. Crew Factory. I like that it’s a plain, striped top with a twist. And, well, you know how I feel about red as an accent colour.

Sunday Funday

What I Wore: Sunday

blue collar red lipstick, what i wore

I don’t have much to say about this outfit, really. It’s one of my “uniforms”: J. Crew Factory paperbag waist mini + top + belt. And done. You better believe that this is about as comfy as it gets.

You know what I just discovered? This cool watercolour-effect filter on my Mac. Yep, I am about 15 technological years behind. But, hey, look at my bracelet stack! Yep, I’m also about 15 fashion seasons behind, too.

blue collar red lipstick, what i wore