What I Wore: March 21

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Sweater and belt, J. Crew Factory; skirt, Land’s End; shirt, Old Navy; coat, consignment; boots, Target; bag, MbMJ (via consignment)

Spring equinox, my butt! See that fresh snow on the driveway? What’s up with that, Mother Nature?

Continuing my months-long tradition of refusing to dress for the weather, I wore this. I swear it’s at least 47% cuter without the coat on, but I have my endurance limits and taking this photo outside sans coat was not in cards. Sorry, peeps! I‘m also thinking, though, that the outfit would also have been at least 15% better if I’d worn a plain blue chambray shirt, instead of this pink one; or maybe just a tee-shirt. Sometimes I over-think things.

The black skirt I’m wearing is from Land’s End; I used to think they sold “old lady clothes” but they actually have a lot of cute stuff, especially basics. Or maybe I’ve moved closer to “old lady” territory. Either way, the quality is good (on par or better than J. Crew, based on my admittedly limited experience) and the prices are also reasonable, especially on sale. Shipping is free if you spend $50+. And you can always get some cash back if you use eBates to order. Back to my skirt, for a second; I ordered it before buying my J. Crew Factory black mini, because I wasn’t convinced the latter would fit me well. While I like the Land’s End version (and the quality is great), I actually ended up preferring the cut of the J. Crew skirt (less poofy, lower waist). I hate having two near identical pieces in my closet, but at least we’re talking about a wardrobe staple and not, say, sequinned floral palazzo pants. Because you know something like that would not be out of the realm of possible for me.

2 Comments on Blue + Pink … Again

  1. I was scrolling down hoping for a big reveal of the animal on the sweater. I know it’s most likely a chicken, but now I’m left to wonder if it’s actually a chimera, or maybe JCrew factory is edgy enough to put a headless chicken on their clothes 😛 I actually like “frumpier” retailers like Land’s End and JCP; because no one else finds them stylish, I can snag their basics for cheap during sales and the quality is quite nice.


    Another Beautiful Thing

    • Hahaha! Sorry, I wish I could say it was. That was the best pic I could get on my iPhone before my kids started screaming their heads off in the car 😉

      I’m pretty sure I have a better shot of the sweater elsewhere … though it’s much less interesting than imagining it as a headless chicken.

      I’m just happy Lands End actually ships to Canada and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for it! The quality is good, and their basics are office-appropriate (hemlines, necklines, etc), which is a nice bonus.