What I Wore: Mall Trip-ing

blue collar red lipstick; mommy chic
Jeans, Cleo (via consignment); t-shirt, Old Navy; blazer, Talula (via Kijiji); belt, Tommy Hilfiger

If my love of florals didn’t betray me before, let me dispel any doubts right now: I’m not really a rock ‘n roll kind of chick. I mean, I would like to be; they seem to have a lot of fun, and be pretty cool all around. Sadly, I’m the opposite of cool. I’m a mom. (That was a joke. A mom joke. Specifically (a) a joke about being a mom, and (b) the kind of joke a mom would make. Ok, I stop now.)


If I was to try being a little bit rock ‘n roll, this is what I’d wear. Complete with authentic bedhead. I know, the t-shirt could stand to be a little less, um, “minivan majority” but I can’t help it – it’s the only thing that passes for a graphic tee in my closet right now.

With all that said, I’ve worn some variation of this outfit plenty before, which must mean that I secretly quite like it, despite always feeling like it’s one of those phoned-it-in outfits. Hope you (secretly or not) like it too.

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