What I Wore: Friday Morning Errands

Gap stripe peplum top
Jeans, RACHEL Rachel Roy; top, Gap Factory; necklace, House of Harlow; shoes, Ferragamo (via Etsy); bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

No surprises here: I couldn’t wait to wear my new striped top from the Gap Factory store. Now, a peplum is probably not my hips’ best friend, but it makes a plain striped tee a little more interesting. Since this was a clearance rack find (of course), it’s the (slightly) wrong size, but I kind of dig the loose, flowy vibe, and it makes for a great eating-out top; like Joey Tribbiani, I always think about my comfort when contemplating culinary experiences. You know there is a pair of Thanksgiving-dinner-eating pants somewhere in my closet. And a Christmas-holiday-eating dress. Or two. That’s how I roll.

OK, back to this outfit. It’s basic – which is the disclaimer I feel like I have to attach to the majority of the outfits I post these days – but it fits my current lifestyle so well. Which brings me to this question: am I boring you, guys? Like, for real. Do y’all like to see what I actually wear, or is it too, too suburban-mom-mundane? Things will change in the fall when I head back to work, but in the meantime … are we cool?

8 Comments on The Striped Top

  1. Um, no. You’re not boring ME at least! I think most people have a basic wardrobe so it’s more interesting to see how other people make that look cute. Or maybe I’m just not that fancy.

    • I like seeing “everyday” wardrobes too (and I find them much more inspirational than so-called aspirational ones), but I feel like I’m a minority these days. It’s nice to hear I’m not alone 🙂

    • Thanks!

      This is the only peplum top I own, and I’m not really sold on the silhouette (on me) but I like thus version. It’s not super peplum-y.

  2. Hi! I am a recent convert to your blog and I love it! Your style is very similar to mine (which I like to think of as “classic” as opposed to “basic” but basic might be more accurate) so I get a lot of inspiration. I also think you do a lot of interesting things with patterns and colors that definitely make me want to get more creative. So no, not boring at all! And also, I am so jealous of your hair.

    • Thank you! I love to hear someone has discovered the blog and is enjoying it. Best compliment, really!
      And I like to go with “classic” too 😉

  3. I like to see the everyday wear posts as well – that’s where I’m feeling I need the most work these days too. I think I have work wear somewhat figured out….now make my weekends look good!