J. Crew striped floral top
Skirt, J. Crew Factory; top, J. Crew; jacket, Tommy Hilfiger Factory; shoes, Gap Factory; bag, Target

I have no idea how this turned into a primary colours extravaganza, but it did and it mostly worked. I mean, it’s hard to go wrong with stripes, florals, and red shoes. Probably not impossible, but you’d have to work at it, and ain’t nobody got time for that around here.

Here’s what it looked like without the jacket – which I took off almost immediately because, hello, summer! Huh! I could have sworn I didn’t look this frumpy in person; there is a waist in there, somewhere. But, hey, on the plus side: Good Hair Day. You know how I feel about those.

J. Crew striped floral top
Frumpty dumpty sat on a wall …


6 Comments on 30 x 30: Nineteen

  1. Heh, it’s always annoying when you plan something with the jacket on and then it is way too hot. I think it is that the sleeve length is so close to the waist line with the shirt tucked in, maybe a belt would help show that your waist is still there 😉 with the jacket on, this is one of my faves so far!

    • I totally agree that it’s the sleeve length next to the waist line – it cuts me in half. Lesson learned!
      I usually like to add a belt to this skirt for extra waist definition, but then I often end up fiddling with it so I decided to skip it … comfort over style. And it shows 😉