Anthropologie edme & Esyllte Phosphorescence skirt; J. Crew hot pink Cece flats
Skirt, Anthropologie (via eBay); top, Gap Factory; necklace, RW&Co.; shoes, J. Crew (via consignment); bag. MbMJ (via eBay)

Floral skirt + striped top = laziest easiest outfit recipe ever! It’s how I roll. Don’t fix what ain’t broken, etc., etc.

Anthropologie edme & Esyllte Phosphorescence skirt; J. Crew hot pink Cece flats
The derpy money shot

But the hot pink flats! They’re hot pink! I couldn’t resist, though god knows how many occasions a thirty-something has to wear hot pink shoes. Here’s an idea: let’s brainstorm … because I need to wear these puppies as much as possible.

Anthropologie edme & Esyllte Phosphorescence skirt; J. Crew hot pink Cece flats
better …

This skirt is growing on me too. (It helps that it’s a perfect match for these flats.) It might just vie for the “favourite” title this summer. Oooh. Smackdown of the floral Anthro skirts? It’s on, baby.

Anthropologie edme & Esyllte Phosphorescence skirt; J. Crew hot pink Cece flats
ok, bye

8 Comments on Style by Recipe

  1. i’m desperately trying to replace my own hot pink flats because they’ve gotten too scuffed to be presentable. the color of yours are perfect! like Barbie shoe pink. also floral and stripes yes yes yes always.

    • Florals and stripes 4lyfe!
      I was really pleased with this pair, because I’ve been wanting to try the J. Crew Ceces for ages, and these were brand new but consignment-priced. And they’re pretty comfy too.

  2. I love that skirt! It makes my heart race.

    Also, maybe I should post this comment to the other thread but…I’ve been reading style blogs since 2008 and for the very first time ever, I bought an item of clothing I saw a blogger wearing! I had to swing by a shopping center for work errands, and there is an Old Navy there, so I ran in and tried on the skater dress you showed the other day. I actually ended up buying it! I bought the black version since the skirt poof wasn’t as pronounced (and I have a belly full of jelly anyway, so if anything, it disguised it!). I was definitely tempted by the red/navy stripe but I think I’ll get more wear out of the black, and the black/white stripe wasn’t available in my size. I’m super excited to have a sleeved dress for fall, although I’m definitely not waiting until fall to wear it. I was between sizes so it’s a little roomier than I’m used to but it should shrink a bit in the wash. Thanks for the recommendation! It’s the first dress I’ve paid full price for this year! You rock! 🙂

    • For real? That is honestly one of the best compliments I could get as a blogger. I hope it works out great, quality-wise – because I know you’re going to rock it, style-wise. I think the black colorway will be a great foundation piece for a million outfits, the cut is classic, and I’m glad you found a good fit. Yay! You made my day, girl!

  3. You know how I feel about Anthropologie, so I won’t comment on the post and talk about how Anthropologie pieces that you fall in love with become closet staples very quickly… whoops, guess I did just slip that in there.

    Anyway, Pink flats. I own pink flats… But mine have black trim and that makes them not quite as wearable. I wear them with a lot of monochromatic looks for a punch of color. Sort of like you might a red heel. All black (or black and white) with a pink flat. Black and white striped longer jacket, dark jeans and black top underneath with the a pink flat. Etc. Also might be fun with a white full circle skirt?

    • Hahaha! Hey, your Anthro love is showing 😉 Don’t worry, if it wasn’t for the prices, I’d be decked out in Anthro all the time. I’ve had really good luck thrifting Anthro this month, so you will see a few more coming up 🙂

  4. I really like that outfit, it’s very much You 🙂
    I can’t wear flats (we’ve talked about that, remember?), but, just the other day, I bought a pair of hot-pink pumps. They are gorgeous, but I still can’t figure out how to wear them to a boardroom without causing an outrage :p
    Ah, first world problems.