Month: January 2015

Ladies & Gents, We Have a Winner

Elie Tahari Linda blazer
Blazer, Elie Tahari; top, Gap Factory; pants, American Eagle; shoes, Calvin Klein; bag, MbMJ

So, I know it’s kind of early in the year to make these sort of pronouncements, but I think we have a contender for next December’s favourite outfits of the year post. I rarely feel that way about my casual Friday office ensembles, but I love how this one came together. This Elie Tahari blazer was an awesome score – it looks polished and professional, with just the right about of “edge”. Check out the side:

Elie Tahari Linda blazer
cool blazer details (side vents, hi-lo hem, leather trim)

I’m also wearing some of my favourite accessories here: the J. Crew earrings I wear almost every day to work, and a couple of special necklaces (the J. Crew tassel necklace I bought in Ottawa, and the Tiffany necklace my husband surprised me with this¬†Christmas).

J. Crew art deco arrow earrings
My favourite office earrings (J. Crew)
J. Crew melody tassel necklace; Tiffany Paloma necklace
necklace layerin’ (Tiffany + J. Crew)

All told, happy memories + the satisfaction of looking well put together = winning. Talk about a satisfyingly productive Friday morning. And it all happened before I even got to work.

The New Look

office ootd; office style; J. Crew snowcat shirt
Blazer, J. Crew; shirt, J. Crew (via consignment); pants, Banana Republic; belt, Tommy Hilfiger; shoes, Jimmy Choo (thrifted); bag, mbMJ

I’m by no means suggesting this is anywhere near as revolutionary or iconic as Dior’s New Look. Au contraire: it’s traditional and unremarkable. But, I think it shows my commitment to adulting my work wardrobe. And the fact that I am, on occasion, capable of restraint. Also, I didn’t hate this outfit; in fact, I thought it was positively cute. But, like, grown-up cute. I allowed myself one print, and because the print was black-and-white, I threw in a hint of colour. I’ve learned my lesson trying to pair accessories with this shirt (answer: don’t), so I kept everything else simple. And then went and flooffed up my hair, because my restraint has limits, y’all.

office ootd; office style; J. Crew snowcat shirt

I loved how the three layers looked this morning. (My camel coat makes everything look classy, though.) Maybe there is something in minimalism after all.


office ootd; office style; J. Crew snowcat shirt
serious bizness lady

Back to Business

Theory blue shift dress; Louis Vuitton Alma vernis Amarante
Dress, Theory (via consignment); blazer, Aritzia (via Kijiji); necklace, Banana Republic; shoes, Tory Burch (via consignment); bag. Louis Vuitton (via consignment)

Let’s ignore the sourpuss face, and focus on just the clothes today, ok? Because, I mean, uh, there really isn’t any explanation for the former. So, this is the Theory dress I picked up for $18 during the BCRL brunch ‘n shop. (Side note: anyone interested in another round next month?) It has the same silhouette as my much-loved Joe Fresh dress, which is not necessarily the most flattering on me, but is incredibly comfortable. Even if it looks kinda like your grandma’s nightgown. (Or because of it?!)

Theory blue shift dress; Louis Vuitton Alma vernis Amarante
Not a nightgown, honest

My boss said it was a nice dress (unprompted!), so maybe its sack-like qualities are not as evident in real life. I did add a blazer and a fancy handbag, which I think we can all agree are key to looking less like a sleepwalking victim, and more like an up-and-coming office dweller. And look, Ma: no florals or loud colours! #progress

Theory blue shift dress; Louis Vuitton Alma vernis Amarante
mmm, comfy!