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Beach Vacation Style: Travel Capsule Review

riviera maya mexico
oh, sunshine & ocean

You’ve already seen a bunch of the outfits I wore on my Mexico vacation, but I figured I’d do a proper “capsule” recap so you could see how I fared overall. While I ended up wearing almost all of the pieces I brought with me, I spent the majority of my time in my swimsuits and either my thrifted tie dye schmatta dress or my cover-up. No surprises there, really. I always seem to forget how casual most resorts tend to be; the shorts-and-tee outfit on the right (below) was a “dressy” daytime outfit. Running around after the kids gave me one more reason to stick to the simple & comfortable.

beach resort capsule; travel capsule; beach vacation capsule
one, two

Speaking of shorts, I wore this pair an awful lot:

beach resort capsule; travel capsule; beach vacation capsule
three, four, five

I also wore them in the evenings, fancy like so:

beach resort capsule; travel capsule; beach vacation capsule
six, seven

Or what passes for fancy at a resort, ahem. And on that note:

beach resort capsule; travel capsule; beach vacation capsule
seven, eight, nine

I was mocked mercilessly by my family the entire trip for taking outfit photos, but that was not the worst indignity my blogger ego suffered; I was also ruthlessly photo-bombed, and entirely upstaged on the regular. Behold:

beach resort capsule; travel capsule; vacation capsule
who cares what I’m wearing, amirite?

Luka wasn’t the only one in the photo-bombing game, however:

beach resort capsule; travel capsule; vacation capsul
Payback’s a bitch

My kids are certified grade A hams … and I wouldn’t have it any other way:

dat smile, tho
Blue Steel-ing it on the beach
Blue Steel-ing a few selfies on the beach

Oh, right, this is a style blog. Ahem. Moving on.

beach resort capsule; travel capsule; beach vacation capsule
ten, eleven

All of these were on the overdressed side of the scale, but I didn’t care because – hello, pretty summer frocks! It’s been too long, my lovelies. Summer can’t come soon enough.

All in all, I was pretty happy with the things I packed. There were only a few items I never wore, which I sort of expected anyway. My workout gear never got unpacked; the resort had beautiful and extensive grounds, and everything (our rooms, the lobby, the buffet, the beach, the pools) was spread out, so we walked a lot. Let’s just say, I was not devastated that I didn’t get/have to work out. The weather was unseasonably warm for the first half of our trip, so I didn’t need any toppers in the evenings; the last few days, I wore my black cardigan for dinner – the other cardigan and my denim jacket could have been left at home. Still, you can’t predict the weather, and better safe than sorry, etc. The only piece that was truly useless was my pair of jelly pumps. Heels just weren’t going to happen on this trip. See above re walking a lot, and running after kids. I should have known better.

What got the most wear? As I mentioned above, my tie dye dress and beach cover-up were almost daily wears. I also wore my floral print shorts, and black maxi dress more than a few times. Oh, and my black J. Crew Factory sandals and Old Navy flip flops – I probably didn’t need to pack any other footwear, to be honest. And that’s all I got, folks. Nothing really groundbreaking in this post, but I did manage to sneak in a few photos of my kids, and you got an eyeful of my pasty appendages, so … um, there’s that. We’re all winners here.

Beach Vacation Style: That Other Dress

Desigual floral dress
Dress, Desigual (thrifted); shoes, J. Crew Factory; bag, MbMJ (via consignment)

I don’t know about this dress, you guys. I love the print and the colours, but I’m not a huge fan of the style. This Desigual dress was part of the 2012 f/w “Rainbow” collection, so it’s not that old, but it feels really dated to me – like something from the early 2000s. If I’m honest, it makes me feel a little old, because I feel like I’ve already worn this dress a decade ago. Am I crazy?

Desigual floral dress
the details …

That was largely a hypothetical question, but probably. So help me decide, internet peeps: should I keep it or no? Is there an easy way to alter an asymmetrical cowl neckline? Or should I even bother?

Desigual floral dress
keeper or not?

Beach Vacation Style: Date Night

rachel roy floral dress

Date night on vacation is more or less like date night back home: short and stressful. (Are the kids OK? Are the grandparents OK? I hope no one is murdering each other. I wonder what they’re up to? Let’s talk some more about the kids we’ve just spent all day with. For the last 6 days in a row. Isn’t this romantic?)

But I made an effort anyway.

rachel roy floral dress; resort style
Dress, RACHEL Rachel Roy (via eBay); belt, Anthro; bag, MbMJ (via consignment); shoes, J. Crew Factory

And my husband made an effort too. Keeping a straight face (and his comments mostly to himself) while taking a bazillion photos of your intrepid blogger.

rachel roy floral dress
looking alright from the back …

What we lacked in romantic spirit, our surroundings more than made up for.

(No children or grandparents were harmed in the making of this blog post.)

riviera maya mexico
salt water pool on the shore