Louis Vuitton Alma vernis Amarante; J. Crew Minnie wool pants
Pants & shirt, J. Crew (via consignment); cardigan, J. Crew Factory; shoes, J. Crew; bag, Louis Vuitton (via consignment)

… is still dire, as you can see. That sheepish look on my face says it all: I wore horribly-fitting pants to work, and blogged about it. In my defence – and I definitely feel like one is needed here – it all went down on a day I was planning to leave the office early, and I only realized just how poorly those pants fit too late in the game. As in, 5-minutes-before-I-had-to-leave-the-house late. (It wasn’t worth changing my outfit and being late over it, when I was going in for a short day anyway.) My old BR Sloan pants are also loose, but not like this. Yikes.

I mean, behold:

Louis Vuitton Alma vernis Amarante; J. Crew Minnie wool pants
um … yikes

Clearly, in addition to a black pair of work pants, I also need a burgundy one. Because, “saggy pants ass” aside (don’t ask, and don’t look at my Instagram either), I really, really liked this outfit. I’m telling you guys, there is something about the black + white + accent colour combination that can’t be beat for sophistication. At least, can’t be beat in my books. This week. [Let’s call that wiggle room in the event that I come down with a bad case of the grandma florals next week.]

I guess I better write another “Dear Banana Republic” letter …

Louis Vuitton Alma vernis Amarante; J. Crew Minnie wool pants
hiding my shame with a pretty, shiny bag

12 Comments on The Pants Situation

    • Hahaha! Never thought about it that way. I do think they looked better in the photos than in real life. The crotch area, in particular, had quite the tragic situation going on šŸ˜‰

  1. The pants really don’t fit but you made the best of them. The black and white patterned blouse and the shiny shoes draw the attention away from the pants, so I guess your outfit is fine. Getting new pants would make the ourtfit perfect, of course!

    • Thanks! I really did love this outfit too. I am definitely on the hunt for a new pair of burgundy pants, because as much as I loved the outfit, I can’t repeat these pants šŸ˜‰

  2. I think those pants are okay – you wouldn’t want them too much tighter? Maybe I need some guidance as to how pants actually fit. Also, I may need to buy some burgundy pants as this is a cute outfit!

    • They honestly don’t look so bad in the photos, but they were visibly loose in person – like, “dropped crotch, Hammer style” loose šŸ˜‰

  3. That’s how Sloan pants looks on me too. I tried laundering them to shrink them, but just wound up with an even worse fit. Finally gave up on the ‘fitted’ office slacks look and embraced the wide leg trousers that my curvy figure looks best in.

    • See, I just don’t like how I personally look in wide leg pants. Maybe I’m being delusional, but I honestly think that the slimmer styles look more flattering on me. I always get worried when I see people say that skinny pants don’t flatter anyone :/

    • Sorry, I should have replied sooner – they were on major sale about a week ago. If you want and check every few days, there will be another sale soon. (The black version was something like $66 plus an extra 40% off at one point – I bought them before the extra 40% off, le sigh)