J. Crew Regent blazer beaded collar
Blazer, belt & shoes, J. Crew; tee, Old Navy; bag, Louis Vuitton

I hunted this blazer online for months, without success, only to find it recently on the clearance rack of my local store – one lonely store return, in my size. Funny how that goes. When you consider that (a) I rarely step foot into my local J. Crew (’tis too far from my usual stomping grounds) and (b) this blazer had been put on hold 3 times before I got my hands on it – well, you might start believing in fate. So: it is fate that I should have a sparkly collared blazer. Yes, indeed.

I have a million ideas for styling it, too, but let’s start with the most obvious one. Casual Friday with a menswear-ish vibe? Yes, indeed.

J. Crew Regent blazer beaded collar
loafer love
J. Crew Regent blazer beaded collar
earrings, J. Crew

7 Comments on Beaded Collar Blazer

  1. OBSESSED WITH THIS OUTFIT. and i think i have things to recreate it (without the collar sparkle, unfortunately.) love your little side pony too!

    • I know the side pony thing is a little too 80s, but it really helps with the insect-head syndrome I get every time I pull my hair back. I’m hoping the side pony comes back in style!!