J. Crew beanstalk blouse
Blouse, J. Crew (via consignment); pants, Banana Republic; shoes, Jimmy Choo (via eBay); bag, MbMJ

Here is the story about how this outfit came together: I don’t have a pair of navy pants. The end. Sorry, I should have mentioned that it was a short story. Seriously, though, answer me this, Banana Republic: why are navy Sloan pants never on sale, hm? I know, I know – I could just buy a pair of navy pants somewhere else; but I am a creature of habit through and through, and that’s not how I roll. Of my available pant choices, these check pair seemed like the best bet. With the (questionable) blessing of my husband and eldest child, I put them on and went about my day. Wearing the most random outfit seen on this blog in a while.

J. Crew beanstalk blouse
Cardigan, Cynthia Rowley

Now, you might ask why on earth I would buy a navy blouse if I don’t have anything to wear it with. And that, my friends, is a good question. The answer is 20% lack of foresight, and 80% wishful thinking. Or maybe it’s all the same thing. I have been looking for a pair of navy pants, and a navy skirt, for months and I figured that this blouse would work great with either option … once I had it in my closet. So we have just one tiny problem: I’m still working on that last part.

J. Crew beanstalk blouse
three random patterns

But, hey, cute blouse, amirite? It’s a stealthy way to do florals at the office. Plus, that neckline is adorable. So I say: pants, meh.

J. Crew beanstalk blouse
why does my chest look concave?!?!

Quick note: Yesterday, I came across photos from the blog being used without my permission on eBay. I am pursuing the matter with eBay, but I just wanted to give you all a heads up, and let you know that I am NOT a seller on eBay, and any listing using my photos is NOT mine and in NO way affiliated with this blog. Things I am personally selling are listed on the Shop My Closet page, and that’s it. Sorry about the ALL CAPS, you guys, but I’m not a happy camper right now. Copyright infringement is not cool, kids.

6 Comments on Outfit Improv

  1. I’ve caught the navy Sloan pants on sale before. I didn’t buy any last year, but prior to that BR wouldn’t release navy over the summer and the leftovers from winter and spring would be included in the sale right when the bright summer colors come out.

    That said, the store is quickly falling out of favor with me thanks to all of these huge sales where basically everything I actually want winds up being excluded.

  2. I think this top would look great with your burgundy pants. I also like a navy/cognac combo though pants in that color can read too casual for my law office.

  3. Adina, o am quite taken with this outfit. It matches without being too matchy. Navy blue pants or skirt might “age” the blouse. Love this!

  4. I agree with Jeri – I think that blouse would all be a bit grannyish (or flight attendant-ish) if it was paired with navy. And what are the chances that your navy on top would match your navy on the bottom? It would be worse than mismatched blacks! I like what you’ve done here, and I think the top would be lovely with some white cropped pants or a white skirt come the summer.

    • Hmm, I take your point, but I don’t have/wear any white bottoms. I’m going to think of other alternatives, although I will still try to pair it with navy too – can’t help it 😉