J. Crew pink flats; Silence & Noise floral blazer
Blazer, Silence & Noise (thrifted); top, RACHEL Rachel Roy (via consignment); jeans, AE; shoes, J. Crew (via consignment); bag, MbMJ

… err, sunshine. Walking on sunshine. Because it’s spring – finally! – and I suck at punny titles.

I’m pretty much plagiarizing myself with this outfit, but why fix what ain’t broken, amirite? I actually prefer this iteration; the J. Crew mini is quite boxy, and combined with the slouchy blazer, it’s not doing my body shape any favours. Also, the striped top is quite loose (and a heavier knit), so it looks better untucked, I think.

J. Crew pink flats; Silence & Noise floral blazer
spring is in the air!
J. Crew pink flats; Silence & Noise floral blazer
non-groundbreaking florals is where it’s at

By the way, I’m on the lookout for a new (slimmer fit, lighter weight) striped top; my beloved Gap Factory one from last year is showing its age, and with summer coming (knock on wood) I need a replacement, stat. I have the hardest time finding striped tops I like, which is very odd considering how ubiquitous they are – I think it’s because I struggle with the stripe width, which is either too thin, or too thick. This top is just right … but who knows when I’ll find a similar one. Or where. Quick, tell me your favourite place to buy a classic striped (cotton) top!

J. Crew pink flats; Silence & Noise floral blazer
close-up time

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a comfy pair of flats, you could do worse than a pair of J. Crew Cece’s. I know they’ve been discontinued, but if you can catch a good deal on eBay, I would definitely recommend them. I found the leather to be quite supple, which means they require minimal breaking in. I’m not sure how the current Emma flat compares – anyone got the scoop?

J. Crew pink flats; Silence & Noise floral blazer
fresh out of puns

21 Comments on Walking On Pink

  1. I have a stash of striped tops from LL Bean and J. Crew…and that stash continues to grow and grow. I stocked up on a couple more from Kate Spade Saturday during its final sale and have to say that the quality is fantastic.

    Love your outfit and the fact there is not a “shame tuck” to be seen! You look great!

    • Hehe! Thanks 🙂 I do enjoy a good shame tuck every now and then, but high waisted* pants make it a no-go.

      (* these are not actually high waisted, just regular mom-jeans waist. still too high for a shame tuck tho.)

      • It’s the same thing as a half-tuck or partial tuck – instead of either fully tucking in your shirt, or leaving it completely untucked, you go halfsies. I’m not sure where that term originated anymore, although I’m pretty sure it wasn’t meant to be complimentary, LOL!

  2. I got a navy/cream striped shirt (long sleeved) from Gap recently. I love it because it’s not too boxy, and it has a marvelous, thick weight. It’s not one of those tissue-thin shirts that will have a hole worn into it within three wears. If you happen to live in a climate where summer is often cool and fleeting (ahem), it’s nice to have the thicker ones around! I’ve also seen some lovely striped linen ones from Banana, but they sold out fast in my size (though I’m now thinking I should check online to see if they’ve replenished). The Banana linen tees have a wonderful, flowy character and look, and I’m hoping they will hold up better than so many of my cotton tees have over recent years.

    • The weight is definitely a huge thing – I can’t abide anything that’s too thin/sheer, because it makes it impossible to wear to work, and I need a versatile piece that can go both casual and dressy. Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Love the outfit! The pink flats are fab! How do you find the J Crew Cece’s sizewise? I usually need to go up half a size in flats vs heels. Do you take your regular size in these? Thanks! 🙂

    • I only have the one pair, and I find that they are true to size for me. I think I did have to go up a half size in the Factory Anyas, which I find to be a very similar fit to the Ceces, albeit in faux suede not real leather. I’ll double-check though.

  4. Fortunately, someone at JCrew saw the light because they recently brought back the CeCe flat. (Which is awesome for me because in the year or so they were gone I went into full-on hoarder mode and bought an absurd amount of CeCe’s on eBay in fear that I’d never be able to find them again!) The Emma flats were nowhere near as comfortable and I personally wasn’t a fan of the way they looked — I felt the ruching made them look less “classic” than the CeCe.

    • Oh yay! I had heard some rumblings of that, and I’m very excited even though I don’t buy J. Crew shoes at retail as a rule. But perhaps the secondhand market will bear fruit again 😉

  5. Love this outfit! Lucky me, I could wear something like this to work everyday! I think I need to work on a collection of comfy and versatile blazers.

  6. It must be something about spring – I’m wanting florals and pinks too! I did recently buy a pink blazer and I’ve already worn it several times – and seen other people wearing it as well.

    I have two striped shirts that I really like and wear a lot (as compared to my other striped Tshirts/tanks which I also love and wear a lot!). I have a nice one from Gap (3/4 sleeve, grey on white, navy embroidered flower) and, sadly, one from Jacob (full sleeve, lace at neckline, blue stripe.). Unfortunately for you (and me) Jacob was one of the best places to get striped shirts that were nice and a somewhat reasonable price. Good luck with finding a new one – maybe the Gap?

  7. Love your “happy” pink flats. I would suggest Boden (I think someone else did as well). You can probably get them for a good deal on sale and the quality is great 🙂